May 7, 2021

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3 Potential Steps To Fix A Frozen Air Conditioner

Air Conditioner

We all want a hassle-free lifestyle. But what if one of the most important home appliances stops working properly? Sudden malfunctioning of the Air Conditioner in summer hurts more than anything. Because this device helps you to stay calm. Thus, no one wants a damaged or frozen Air Conditioner. 

Don’t worry! if you left with a frozen AC. Every problem has a solution. Even you can fix this crisis on your own. But before further proceedings ensure that your AC got a frozen problem. 

How to check for frozen AC?

Check for this problem if your appliance is not cooling your room properly. Place your hand in front of your Air Conditioner, if you feel warm air instead of cool air then switch off your AC. This means you got a problem. Unscrew your AC to know more about the problem. Then, examine coils and other parts. If anything thawed inside the unit then you got frozen AC. Afterward, don’t dare to start your AC, until and unless it gets fixed. 

3 potential steps to fix a frozen AC

Step 1: Clean your inside and outside units

Sometimes, debris stuck in the refrigerant coils, air filters, and ducts. This causes blockage of airflow in the Air Conditioner. Insufficient airflow leads to frozen AC. So, if you don’t want to face such situations then you should clean your AC unit thoroughly. If you are unable to clean the air filters then you should replace it. 

Step 2: Try to unthaw it on your own

When you think that you have a frozen evaporator coil, you should stop using it or switch off your AC unit immediately. If you don’t then it may affect its compressor. And repairing a compressor causes you lots of money. Please try to avoid defrosting the evaporator coils with bare hands as it may damage other components. To unthaw your frozen AC, turn on its blower. After defrosting, dry the coils with the help of a blower or fan or hairdryer. 

Step 3: Hire an HVAC expert

Fixing a problem on your own becomes difficult sometimes. So, it is better to hire an expert for ac repair in Mohali. A mechanic knows better than you how to resolve a frozen crisis. Moreover, he will check for other problems too. He will save you precious time and money.

How can you deter your AC unit to get frozen?

Regular AC repair service can prevent your AC from all the issues. If you don’t have time to fix appointments with technicians then it is better to opt for a yearly service contract. This will save you time as well as your AC unit. Besides, you end up with happy summer days. 

Cleaning air filters, evaporator coils keep your AC healthy and also prevents it from freezing. If you have a pet in your house then prefer to replace the air filter each month. Whenever you go out to buy the filters, buy some extra. It will save you energy and also make it less monotonous. 

To know more about the prevention, consult with an expert. He will tell you how to check for debris in refrigerants and ducts. He will also tell you how to clean it with care so that other elements can be saved. So, always take advice from an expert and hire him if you are facing any problem which can’t be solved by you. Also, take timely AC repair from a mechanic to enhance the timeline of your Air Conditioner.