June 8, 2021

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5 Best Curved LED Monitors To Buy In UK

Best Curved LED Monitors
Best Curved LED Monitors

If you are already bored of your typical flat panel display, now could be the time to explore curved monitors. The intervention of curved monitor screens in the monitor collection of the tech market became popular with its versatility. These displays are known for wide-angle screens that should give you triple the immersive viewing experience that you are already getting.

The previous tech-decade was not at all familiarized with curved monitors, and you could barely see their usage. But, now as technology has improved to new boundaries, curved monitors are a thing for creative and productive users. Either you are a professional, gaming pro, or a business enthusiast, the curved monitor can be quite a great screen option for you.

Lenovo Curved monitors are one of the best monitors in the tech industry with no worthless costs. If you have your heart over the curved monitor design and quality, Lenovo, ASUS, and Samsung curved LED monitors are the ideal choice. We have listed our top five favorites among the best Curved monitor range.

1. Lenovo Legion Y44w-10

Lenovo Legion Y44w-10
Best Curved LED Monitors

Aspect Ratio 32:10 | 3840 x 1200 Resolution | Brightness 380 cd/m² | Response Time 4ms | USB-C, HDMI, DP | 3000:1

The Lenovo Legion Y44w monitor is everything you need for intensive gaming or extensive display sessions. This curved monitor comes with a high-quality ultra-wide screen that surrounds a nearly 43-inch display for a massive view. It encourages working on important projects, sidelined with your favorite applications or games.

The Ultra HD resolution of 3840 x 1200 supports heavy gaming and multimedia graphics. From just around 4-millisecond response timing, this Lenovo curved monitor gives no lags when you process heavy programs. Also, the monitor comes attached with significant ports, including the Type C USB port which is used for faster connections.

The excellent 144 Hz refresh rate of the display is best for any high-graphics monitor which has no room for screen tearing. Lenovo has also integrated the Free Sync technology in the Legion Y44w which makes sure you don’t get any stuttering or unnecessary glitches.

2. Lenovo G34w-10

Lenovo G34w-10

HDMI, DP | 3440 x 1440 Resolution | 21:9 | 350 cd/m² | 3000:1 | 4ms

Everything you need, from an exceptionally ergonomic design to an excellent refresh rate and high-quality Resolution is equipped with the Lenovo G34w-10 monitor. This top-notch monitor comes packed with a WQHD curved panel that blends every powerful feature perfectly. You get a 144 Hz refresh rate and a Free Sync technology that ensures zero input lagging and no screen tearing.

The Screen Resolution of 1440 pixel display makes every gamer’s wish on the run withs Ultra-HD quality and great contrast ratio. The monitor, additionally, weighs around 11.2 kgs which means it is not as heavy as one might think. Also, you will find a number of extra ports to connect for professional and gaming purposes. So, this is the best among many other Lenovo Monitors.

3. Samsung C27T550FDU

Samsung C27T550FDU

1920 x 1080 Resolution |16:9 | 250 cd/m² | 3000:1 | 4 ms

For a much more comfortable and immersive viewing gaming experience, you need a monitor that gets everything on point. The Samsung C27T55FDU monitor is surfaced with a great quality build and 1000R curved screen. Samsung has also included its advanced eye comfort technology that does not leave any chance of giving you an eye strain.

This monitor contains the Flicker technology to disable any screen irritation that may appear with screen flickering. The contrast ratio of 3000:1 is a clear indicator that you will get the best brightest or darkest images on the screen. This monitor also comes integrated with stereo built-in speakers, which means you are going to have incredible gaming or sound experience.

4. Samsung LC34H890WGU

Samsung LC34H890WGU

3440 x 1440 Resolution | 16:9 | 300 cd/m² | 3000:1 | 4 ms

The Ultra-wide Samsung monitor keeps up with the professional gamers and multitasking professionals. The 34-inch screen comes with a full HD resolution of 3440 x 1440 and gets large images and videos with zero-pixel deficiency. It delivers the maximum brightness of around 300 cd/m so you can watch the screen even under bright lights and enjoy the fullest to its dark.

This Samsung curved monitor plays an essential role in providing a better contrast ratio, with minimum response time for all graphics. It also includes a dual-screen function which allows connecting two devices at the same time. The VESA mount armed with Samsung LC34H890WGU enables to put this monitor against the wall. You can easily set it up on your desk or in front of you, without having to deal with a lot of trouble.

5. ASUS TUF Gaming VG27VQ


(1920×1080) Resolution | 1ms | FreeSync™ | Adaptive-Sync

True sensational gameplay requires a monitor with no sacrifice in its features. Thankfully, the ASUS TUF gaming curved monitor complies with every gaming pro’s requirement. This ASUS monitor with its widescreen comes packed with a Full HD Resolution of 1920 x 1080. It features a 27-inch screen and a whopping 165 Hz refresh rate for an incredibly immersive viewing experience.

With the 1500R curvature, this TUF gaming monitor is one of the widest screens that you can play your games on. It makes sure no angle from your eyes is inequivalent or distant enough. You can view the screen from any angle and get the same distance and eye contact. ASUS has also integrated multiple display technologies which help minimize any smearing or screen tearing. Along with, that you get an ergonomically designed curved monitor which allows the monitor to title and bend as you need.

The Wrap

Our top picks should help you figure out the best choices that you can have for yourself for a curved monitor. If you are still juggling between an ordinary straight monitor and a curved one, it’s time to select according to your genre. Gamers, multimedia professionals, and creative masters may have the best experience of their lives with these curved monitors. You can check their reviews and other specs by directly visiting Laptop Outlet UK.