August 14, 2022

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5 Tips To Design Custom Socks That Match With Custom Jersey

Custom Jersey

Custom jerseys play a vital role in sports. These are not just for fun, but they are very important for sportsmen. The custom jersey can help in representing the unique identity of a team and team members, as well. 

The jersey of a team acts as a pride for the team members such as custom hockey jerseys for a hockey team acts as pride for the hockey sports team. Moreover, the uniformity in the team by wearing sports uniforms is not a luxury, but it is a necessity. 

Therefore, it is imperative to match everything from jersey to the socks. Here, in this article, we are going to share some tips to create sublimated socks that match with custom jersey:

1. Designing Your Socks 

Mostly, the custom jersey designer pays special attention to the custom jersey, shorts, and pants, but they give the least priority to socks. Sometimes, it is a good idea to give afterthought to the socks. But, always keep in mind that socks also form an essential part of the jersey. 

If the different team members wear different socks, then it can create a bad impression on the audience. Therefore, it is very important to design the custom socks that look similar to your custom jersey. 

You should also do brainstorming and search for some good ideas to design custom socks. While designing the custom socks, you should make sure that the design compliments your jersey.

2. Show Your Creativity  

The extent of creativity that you can display on the custom socks has no limitation, except your imagination and length of socks. You can create any design as per your choice. Also, you can pick any colors from the color palate. 

It is recommended to take the help of professionals for creating a design for your custom jersey. If you are good at designing, then you can create your own design and hire the printing contractors to print the design on the socks. 

The sublimation printing technology can help you to print any pattern, design, and style on your socks. This printing technique can help in converting your ideas into reality such as attractive custom soccer uniforms.  You should choose the right colors for your custom socks that show harmony with your custom jersey. 

3. Choose The Right Material 

The custom sublimated socks are made up of polyester. The sublimation printing technique works efficiently on the polyester material. Therefore, you should choose polyester if you want to design polyester custom socks. There are two types of polyester material: the first one is the air mesh, and the second is the mock mesh.  

4. Size And Length Of Socks

Most people consider that one size of socks fits all. But this is not true! Therefore, socks are available in different sizes and lengths. The socks size for the adults is 30″, Adult Wide 30″, Intermediate side is 25″, Youth 21. The socks are available in different sizes such as small, medium, and large. 

5. Hire Professionals 

You should hire professionals to design custom socks that match your jersey. The experienced jersey designing and printing professionals can help in creating perfect custom socks for your team. There are various printing service providers available in the market, but you should ensure that you hire the best one. 

First of all, you should share your printing demands and requirement. They will prepare the design that can meet your demands and requirements. After taking your final consent, they start the printing process, 

Right Time To Place The Order

Custom product designing takes time. Therefore, you should place the order for custom socks designing much earlier. You should prepare the design in advance. You can create the design by either yourself or with the help of a professional. 

Once you have finalized the design, then ask the printing professional to send the sample custom sock. If you like the design, then tell the contractor to proceed with the same design. If you want to reduce the printing cost, then you should place the order in bulk. 

You should place the order for custom sock designing along with the custom jerseys. You should allow sufficient buffer time for your printing contractor to complete the printing project. 

Average Cost Of Printing

Usually, the price of socks falls between the range of $20 to $60. But, when you place the socks printing order in bulk, then you can get the custom printed socks in just $40. Sublimation printing is a costly printing process. Moreover, it requires time to transfer the design over the socks. 

The reputable printing professional can help in designing the good-quality socks. The cost of printing is based on the quantity of printing, colors in the design, locations of printing, and technology you have used for the printing process. You should keep all these things in your mind while placing an order for custom printing.