October 15, 2021

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6 Important Tips To Apply Perfume For A Long Lasting Scent

Tips To Apply Perfume
Tips To Apply Perfume

Tips To Apply Perfume – If you’re wondering why your perfume scent only lasts for about two hours overall, then it starts to fade away, you’re probably not correctly applying your perfume.

There is a nice-smelling science and it includes how and where you apply your perfume. If you’re curious about how to apply perfume, continue to read our top tips on how to correctly apply perfume.

Buy the right Perfume power

Let’s first talk about the concentration of fragrance and how it influences how long your scents last and the strength. The concentration of fragrance refers to the intensity of a fragrance and the percentage of the fragrance’s perfume composition or its combination of natural and chemical ingredients.

In accordance with their concentration, all perfumes are classified into many styles or categories. There are Cologne or Eau de Cologne, Eau de Toilette, Perfume or Extrait de Parfum, and Eau de Perfume.

FourCreeds says Fragrances with a low concentration of fragrance are always fresher, lighter, and not too long in terms of their staying strength.

In a cool, dark spot, store your perfume:

Fragrances like stability and can break down in temperatures or humidity that fluctuates. Heat, moisture, and light will break down the perfumes and reduce the consistency and strength of them. So, in the bathroom or other cold and humid places, stop storing your scents.

Keep your fragrances away from sunlight in a cold and dry spot, like a cabinet, for example, on a shelf in your closet or on a vanity table.

Make Sure Skin Is Moisturized Before Application:

Use the scent right after you get out of the shower and again after you moisturize your skin to enhance the long-lasting strength of your perfume. The more hydrated your skin is, the more the taste is preserved.

Oilier skin also retains fragrances longer, so it will help to lock in the scent by using an oil-based lotion.

Before you Apply, Smear a Small Amount of Vaseline on your Pulse Points.

Rub a small amount of Vaseline onto your pulse points before application, if you need any extra life out of your fragrance. The balm will serve as an extra moisturizing lock for the fragrance, allowing it to last much longer.

Apply to Your Pulse Points

If you’re wondering how to apply perfume, applying it right to your pulse points is the solution. Pulse points are where the arteries are nearest to the skin’s surface and where the pulse can be felt.

Spritzing on your pulse points or “warm points” specifically makes your fragrance smell lighter and more intense.

For perfume application, some of the best pulse points are: on your wrists, behind your ears, between your clavicles on your neck, on the elbow folds, and behind your knees.

You can also spray the fragrance on your ankles, calves, or belly button for cleavage.

Don’t Rub The Fragrance In

Once you sprit the fragrance on your wrists, since that is what most people often do, you will probably have the urge to rub it in. Uh, DON’T. Rubbing in your perfume will change the fragrance’s smell as well as decrease its staying strength.

Instead of spraying the perfume on your skin and letting it air dry, rubbing in your fragrance breaks down and causes the top notes to disappear faster.

Spray Fragrance On to Your Hairbrush and Brush through Your Hair

Did you know that the smell of some fragrance keeps your hair longer than your skin? Before you brush your hair, consider applying a tiny amount of your perfume on top of your hairbrush.

You can also choose to spray your hair directly, but keep in mind that the alcohol in most perfumes can make it dry and damage your hair. Your hair’s natural oils will alter and influence the scent of your fragrance.

If you are searching for a fragrance that will not harm your hair, several designers and specialty perfume companies have fragrances marketed as “hair perfumes”.

Spray cotton balls with perfume and place them in a plastic bag to use for touch-ups

Spritz your perfume on a couple of cotton balls or q-tips for a fragrance boost on-the-go and, when they’re wet, put them in a plastic bag and squeeze all the air out. They should remain sufficiently moist to be applied later in the day.