May 7, 2021

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6 Tips for Keeping Rugs Clean

Carpets or rugs are a beautiful creation. They not only provide comfort but also improve the look of the space it sits on. Rugs have been in use for hundreds of years, making their worth range from a price of a summer dress to the price of a MacBook Air. Carpet pioneers will know the true worth of any rug, and they will also stress how important it is to keep your rugs clean.

Keeping Rugs Clean

Tips for keeping Rugs Clean

Regular maintenance of rugs can enhance its longevity especially if they are costly ones. Things like rugs, mats, curtains get dirty quicker than any other household item because they are more exposed to dirt and dust. Therefore, they need cleaning more often. Dirty rug fibers can contain millions of harmful germs like dust mites, mold spores, and pollens, and one should avoid contact with it until clean. There are many ways to clean it.

Rugs and carpets have nowadays become one of the mainstays of home decor. They add elegance and charm to any room they’re installed in, they’re easy to take care of, and are available in varied themes to travel with the ornamental scheme of various sorts of rooms. There are a variety of sorts of wholesale rugs available on the market, therefore; it’s necessary to understand all of them before choosing which of them to shop for.

Some Tips to keep your Rugs Clean:

  • A Vacuuming Routine: A regular vacuuming routine is a basic way to keep your rug clean. Vacuuming once a week is enough to maintain your rugs’ heath. While vacuuming, clean the rug several times, or at least two to three times to ensure they are clear of all the dust. Regular vacuuming will keep the mites off your rugs. It is wise to use the suction features l only as anything otherwise may damage the rug fibers, making it look worn.
  • Immediate Spill Cleans: Spills on the rug can never be avoided. But when spilled, we can treat it. Working on a spill immediately is important because otherwise, the liquid will soak into the inner layers, making a permanent stain. Use a semi-dry cloth or cotton ball to absorb the spilled liquid. Then let it air dry. But what about liquids that leave stains? That brings us to our next point.
  • Knowing Stain Hacks: Shaving creams, club sodas, lemon juice, washing powder, vinegar, toothpaste, are some common substances used to stop rugs from having a stain. Hundreds of hacks are available across the internet on how to remove stains instantly. Although they may not be cent percent efficient they prevent the stains from remaining permanently. Depending on the type of spill one may DIY or take their rugs to the dry cleaners for professional cleaning.
  • Choosing Right Rugs: Some rugs are quicker to absorb stains than others. This depends on the fabrics of the rugs. Nylon made rugs can be cleaned using hot steam, while artificial rugs repel stain altogether. One might opt for a rug which can be machine washed for easy and regular cleaning.
  • Paws off Rugs: While you cannot stop your dear pets to take nap or play on your rugs, you can take some basic precautions to protect them. Purchasing a rug that is specially made for pet-owners will help to hide and maintain any torn parts, chew marks, or worn-out areas. Buying rugs of darker colors will do the same trick.
  • Extra Care: Being just a little more careful while using your rug will also prevent any damages. Dusting is a simple way to clear the preliminary dust on the surface every day. Avoid using harsh chemicals while washing your rug and the fabric will remain soft for a longer time.
Keeping Rugs Clean


A rug has the power to enhance the appearance as well as taper with it. Apart from the above six tips, one must take the help of professionals at least once a year to keep the rug in top-notch condition. Carpets and rugs are often deemed as excessive luxuries which are not of primary importance while designing a house.