May 7, 2021

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6 Ways To Improve Your Wifi-Connectivity During The Pandemic


Initially, adapting to the new normal was a bit difficult for people. However, as time passed, and as people realized that COVID 19 is here to stay for an extended period, the adaptation became a fast-tracked process. Currently, the entire world is depending on a single source of socialization – the Internet. Be it the work from home culture or online education classes – people are relying on an excellent broadband internet connection provider. And of course, it is plain irritating to pay high amounts of monthly prices for an average wifi connection. But, the increase in network traffic and several other factors are beyond the control of your network provider. For instance, if you are living in a mountainous region, then your geographical location can hinder the speed of your data connectivity. You cannot change issues like these, but there are certain tricks that you can apply at your home to improve your internet speed. Here are some useful tips that you can try yourselves, and check if there is a boost in the connectivity.

1. Change your router position.

One of the simplest and quickest tricks is to make sure not to place your router in a remote location of your house. The wifi-signals should be able to reach you without any hindrance; otherwise, the internet speed will suffer. Have you noticed how people try to hold their cell phones high above their heads to get a compatible network signal? Well! You also have to try something like that. It is advisable to keep your router above ground level and somewhere in the center of your house. 

2. Internet speed and bandwidth signal

There are plenty of speed testing apps online. Carry out speed tests regularly, and if the pace is not as per your plan, then talk to your internet service provider. If a lot of people are connecting with your modem, then choose the right bandwidth router for your home. Most of the houses are equipped with the 2.4GHz band signal, which makes it a bit congested. Hence, you can go for the 5GHz band signal or a router with a combination of both the band signals. The 5GHz is faster and less saturated as compared to the 2.4GHz bandwidth.

3. Reboot your router frequently.

Every month give your modem a little break, refresh your internet connection by rebooting your router. This step will stimulate the bandwidth signal, furthermore increasing the speed of your broadband connection. If it is difficult to keep track of your rebooting process, then you can set up an automatic schedule as well.

4. If possible, upgrade your router to the latest model.

You might want to consider replacing your five years old residential gateway, hardware, as well as software – both, have evolved in the last few years. Few of the old models only support single transmitters, which can be an issue for your internet speed. Wifi technologies have shifted from one antenna to diverse beam-forming ones, so your modem should be advanced enough to transmit these band signals. Hence, make sure to upgrade your modem to a higher level.

5. Try a wired connection rather than a wireless one.

Wireless connections are trendy as well as convenient. Moreover, everyone uses wifi-connections these days. But, ethernet or wired connections are more reliable; besides, they will always be faster as compared to wifi-signals. A wired cable directly connects your device with the modem, whereas a wireless signal gets affected by obstacles in your home like walls. Devices such as TV, desktop computer, laptop, and PlayStations connect better with the help of ethernet; they are safe as well.

6. Keep electrical devices away from your modem.

Don’t keep the space around your modem cluttered. Especially consider keeping it free from electronic devices & appliances like baby monitors, landlines, lamps, computer speakers, TVs, and AC power cords. These electrical devices emit wireless signals that affect your router’s performance. It seems like no one likes their personal spaces to be invaded – your router included.


Even if experimenting with your modem doesn’t help you, then changing your broadband internet connection provider might be the last option. Many areas have only a few options to choose from; however, if you are staying in Gurgaon, then Spectra, DEN, Nextra, among others are some of the reliable internet service providers in Gurgaon.