April 13, 2021

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7 Software To Create A Mobile Application

Create A Mobile Application
Create A Mobile Application

More than 37.4 million Arabic people were using their phones to go on the Internet at the end of 2019, according to a recent study. Brands, therefore, have an increasingly important need to make them visible on mobile devices. Create a mobile application is a great way to deliver a quality user experience to your customers while setting yourself apart from your competition. For that, you won’t necessarily need to hire a developer. Some simple software is enough to create an application.


Goodbarber presents itself as a native application generator. It offers two solutions: the first to develop an e-commerce application and the second to create a content application. Goodbarber brings together all the advantages of a good Maven Digital app development Dubai builder. To create your application, you have different types of blocks that you place as you wish. You can see the result directly in a window the size of a mobile. Goodbarber offers 3 categories of offers: e-commerce, classic, and reseller. Each category corresponds to different needs and includes 3 formulas. To develop an e-commerce application, for example, you will need between 35 and 125 € per month. For a content management app, the basic plan is € 25 per month.


In its service offer, Appsbar is aimed at all new to the creation of mobile applications. The solution has the advantage of being completely free. To access it, all you have to do is create an account on the site. On the other hand, it is relatively simplistic and can be very limited for professional use. If you want to create the first application to test the receptivity of your customers and prospects to mobile support, for example, Appsbar may be the right solution to adopt. It will allow you to train thanks to its many tutorial videos. You also benefit from its technical support.


Swiftic is among the top-rated references in the mobile application creation software market. The solution is primarily aimed at small businesses and restaurateurs, who do not have in-house technical skills. Swiftic offers features that differentiate it from other solutions. Among them, the location of the branches is very practical if you have a physical store. The planning tool allows you to organize meetings with your customers. Finally, for restaurants, it is possible to add the “Menus and ordering” function so that customers can consult the menu and order online. Swiftic is available for $ 33 per month on promotion instead of $ 48. The monthly rate is decreasing if you pay the full amount, either for one year or for two years.


Mobincube is a relatively similar solution to Appsbar. It offers various themes relating to sectors of activity (sport, tourism, hairdressing, catering). Starting from one of these databases, you can then customize your application using the page builder, with a system of blocks. Mobincube in the free version is a very limited solution for professionals, at least if you stick to the pre-existing themes. To truly benefit from the solution, it is advisable to opt for the paid subscription and use the software source code to integrate advanced features into your application. There are 5 paid offers: S, M, L, XL, and XXL which correspond to a more or less extensive service, from € 3.59 to € 119.99 per month.


Shoutem also works thanks to thematic categories, which you choose when you start designing your application: Then you access the design interface. This is very intuitive and has a preview window on the right. One of the disadvantages of Shoutem is that it does not allow you to integrate add-ons, like Goodbarber for example. It can nevertheless connect to a CMS like Word Press or Drupal. The solution is also incomplete in the social media part. It is indeed not possible to manage the promotion of the application on the networks. Price-wise, Shoutem offers 3 packages ranging from $ 49 to $ 149.

App yet

Appyet is intended for creating apps on Android. It is very easy to use and includes a monetization feature. You can then integrate advertising banners into your application in a few clicks. The negative point of App yet in the free version is that it is not possible to publish your application on the Android Market.


Appmachine is the perfect solution if you have a website and want to transfer your content to a mobile application. The proposed templates are numerous, enough to develop a unique application. The page construction interface is very complete, and therefore offers multiple customization choices. The drag and drop function allows you to drag the structural elements you need and arrange them in relation to each other.

On the weak point’s side, the main flaw of Appmachine is the fact that the solution exists only in English. Getting started can also be difficult due to the number of features and structural elements offered. To go further, download this free guide to consumer psychology and learn how to create content that interests your audience. Download the Introductory Guide to Consumer Psychology