May 7, 2021

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9 Safety Measures To Be Taken By Elders During Summer

Safety Measures

The summer season is beautiful because it is accompanied by a clear sky and warm weather. But gradually, the temperature starts increasing, and it can affect our health. Increased temperature and high humidity levels can take a toll on the health of older people. 

Thus, the summer heat can be highly dangerous for elderly people. Here, we will discuss some necessary safety precautions that elderly people must take during summer to stay safe:  

1. Replenish Loss Of Water 

The elderly people are highly susceptible to dehydration as compare to the younger ones. It is so because the elderly people are not capable to conserve water in their bodies for a long time. When we grow older, then our body starts losing the ability to store water. 

Moreover, elderly people are also less aware of thirst and also face problems in maintaining ideal body temperature. Therefore, it is recommended that elderly people should drink plenty of water, even if they are not feeling thirsty. 

If you are going out on a trip, then you should carry a water bottle with you. Also, elder people should stay in a cool place to reduce the loss of body water by sweating. You should install air conditioning Sydney at home.

2. Consult Your Doctor 

Elderly people should also consult a doctor to ensure that the medicines you are taking now will not interact with your body temperature in the summer season. Moreover, you should keep your medicines at low temperatures so that they can work efficiently. 

If elderly people are suffering from any kind of medical condition, then it is imperative to avoid high temperature to keep their condition under control.

3. Keep Your Eyes Safe 

Eye problems are common in older adults. If the older adults are exposed to their eyes to the sunrays, then it can lead to more harm to their eyes. The harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun can lead to permanent damage to their eyes. Therefore, it is recommended that older adults must wear sunglasses before stepping outside of their house. 

4. Stay Connected 

The extremely high atmospheric temperature can be life-threatening to the elderly people. Therefore, elderly people should stay connected with family members and friends. The elder must save the contact number of their family in the emergency contact list on the phone. 

It will help you to easily access the number in case of an emergency. The right communication plays an imperative role in ensuring the safety of older adults during the summer season. 

The older people should know the right person to contact in the time of emergency. The elderly people should let their friends and family know if they are going to spend a long time outdoors. 

5. Talk To Your Neighbors 

You should stay connected with the people in your neighborhood. Also, you should learn about them and their daily routine, as well. If you are an older adult, then you should check the younger neighbor can come to your house and have a good time with you. You will love the company of younger neighbors, and you can also call them for help.

6. Create An Emergency List 

It is imperative to make a list of people whom you can call in an emergency situation. Also, make sure that these numbers are stored in an easy to access location. If you prepare a list of the right people, then you will get help in case of adverse medical conditions. Thus, it is imperative to prepare this list.  

7. Pick Right Clothes 

During the summer, you should wear the right clothes. It is imperative that older adults wear breathable that helps in maintaining good body temperature. Everyone should dress up appropriately according to the weather, especially older adults. 

The body cooling mechanism of older adults is not efficient enough. Thus, breathable clothes will help in maintaining the ideal body temperature. You should revamp your summer wardrobe with cotton fabric and light-colored clothes.  

8. Stay In Cool Place 

The elderly people who are suffering from a chronic medical condition should stay in cool and comfortable places. Even the minute changes in the temperature can lead to a bad impact on the life of elderly people. Therefore, elderly people should install ducted air conditioning in Sydney at their homes. 

If the elderly people want to go out, then you should go to cool places only such as shopping malls, cinemas, or any air-conditioned place. The elderly people should avoid the visit to hot places to keep their medical condition under control.  

9. Apply Sunscreen and Wear Hat

Everyone should wear sunscreen before stepping outside of their house. Older adults should prevent their skin from harmful sun rays. The skin of elderly people is very sensitive, and they should take care of their skin.