All The Reasons Why You Should Hire A Volumetric Truck!

Hire A Volumetric Truck

As you know the world is developing at a fast pace and there is no stopping. The introduction of technology is making our lives easier as we can increase our productivity by putting fewer efforts. The same is the case with the construction industry, the technological advancement in the industry from machinery, the raw material to transportation has made the process simple, prompt, and efficient. 

One major advancement that has been made in the industry which has brought a huge impact on productivity is the volumetric concrete London. This is an advanced method that helps to mix a huge quantity of concrete in a volumetric truck which can hold double the quantity of traditional drum mixers. 

Meets timelines and saves costs

The volumetric concrete London is mixed at the site in which the exact quantity of concrete required is blended which helps in reducing unnecessary waste and thus saves cost. On top of that, it also has a logistic benefit as the trucks will not have to go back and forth to bring the short quantity. 

This concrete mixing overcomes the shortfalls of ready mix concrete as it is mixed in a batching plant while the new and advanced volumetric mixing trucks are considered as a mobile batching plant which can meet any bespoke requirements so that you don’t have to pay for unnecessary excess. 

Transported efficiently

The biggest advantage of volumetric concrete London is that the mixing process takes place at the site where the fresh concrete is needed. This eliminates the risk of premixed concrete getting dry in transit especially in summer. On top of that, it is easier to anticipate shortages with the help of volumetric trucks as it eliminates the whole process of a truck going back to bring more concrete to the site. 

This also leaves a green effect as it reduces the carbon footprint as these huge trucks can easily make multiple deliveries to the site in a single go. 

Reduces waste

Like we have discussed earlier as well that volumetric concrete London discourages wastage and produces only the amount of concrete that is required in the project and if there is a shortage then more ingredients can be added to fill the gap. Before the mixing process begins, the raw material is proportioned with the help of a chain feed or adjustable gate to reach the right consistency. 

In this type of concrete mixing, the ingredients are kept separate until it is time to mix. The contractor has control over the consistency and volume of concrete that the project requires therefore he has control over the individual ingredient that is needed at each stage. In case if the contractor wants to make changes in the consistency he can easily make the changes on the spot. 

Which service provider is the best? 

It is best to choose a reliable company that has a good range of volumetric trucks so that you don’t face any delays for the unavailability. The one that aims to increase your productivity and reduces wastage and unwanted excess concrete. 

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