April 13, 2021

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BBQ Buying Guide: Which BBQ To Buy?

BBQ Buying Guide

Barbecue accessories that you should definitely have

With BBQ appliances in many sizes and with just as many functions, choosing the best BBQ is by no means an easy task. Although the quality of the ingredients you want to grill plays an essential role, your meal stands or falls with the choice of the right BBQ appliance. Factors such as the time you want to take to barbecue, the method – baking, grilling, roasting, cooking, you name it – and the frequency, are decisive in making a well-considered choice that fully suits your specific needs.

To find out what kind of barbecue you can buy, we take a closer look at the different appliances and brands that are available at Safti.

Which BBQs are on the market?

The selection process starts with choosing the type of barbecue:

Gas – As the name suggests, a gas barbecue works on gas and reaches a suitable temperature to grill your dishes within ten minutes. This appliance is highly recommended for those who enjoy a quick barbecue during the week. Recommended brands for gas barbecues: Weber, Barbecook

Charcoal – That unique smoky aroma that is synonymous with barbecuing for many, is typical of a charcoal barbecue. Although it takes a little longer to light these types of barbecue appliances than, for example, a gas barbecue, they can easily reach a temperature of 350 degrees on the surface. Recommended brands for charcoal barbecues: Weber, Barbecook, Dancook

Electric – An electric barbecue offers a suitable solution for those who want to barbecue in an apartment and only have a small terrace. These appliances take up little space and you just have to plug it into the socket to get started.

Pellets – Pellet grills are newcomers to the market and introduce an innovative way of barbecuing. Just like with charcoal barbecues, you can also use pellet grills to bring that typical smoky taste to your dishes and keep the temperature under control effortlessly thanks to the control program. Select a recipe of your preference via the app and the pellet barbecue will do the work for you.

Ceramic barbecue – This type of barbecue is also called kamado. Although this appliance actually belongs to the group of charcoal barbecues, it has a number of unique features that make this ceramic barbecue in a category of its own. The ceramic walls of this model have an insulating function and can maintain a constantly high or low temperature. With the right BBQ accessories, you can really prepare all possible preparations in a kamado, ranging from crispy pizzas to slow-cooked meat dishes and so much more.

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Get to the table quickly

A gas barbecue is preferred by many because you can get to the table very quickly with this type of barbecue. After ten minutes, the grid is already at the right temperature and completely ready for use. This makes it an ideal solution for barbecuing during the week when things have to go a little faster than during the weekend.

What do you need for it? To barbecue with a gas BBQ, you obviously need a gas bottle. You also need to provide a gas pressure regulator with a gas hose to maintain constant pressure.

Temperature easy to regulate

Lighting a gas BBQ is considerably easier than charcoal barbecues and is therefore a big plus. The temperature is also very easy to regulate. This quick start in combination with the user-friendly temperature control makes gas appliances the ideal type of barbecue for starters who would like to try their own barbecue for the first time, but also for the real barbecue enthusiasts who like to get out of the barbecue every day during the warmer months.

What can you prepare for a gas barbecue?

A gas barbecue is no more limited in terms of possible preparations, contrary to popular belief. What’s more, you can prepare almost all the dishes that you would normally prepare on your stove or in your oven, perfectly on your gas barbecue. You do this by not placing your ingredients directly above the heat source, but only using the front and rear burners. With this indirect method, you create a kind of convection oven in which the heat circulates evenly and your dishes can cook slowly. It is also possible to add a unique smoky flavor to your dishes. With a gas barbecue, you need a smoke box to which you can add a handful of wood chips with an aroma of your choice.

What about security?

Barbecuing, consciously or unconsciously, rings alarm bells for some people, but this is actually not necessary. Gas barbecues in particular have quite a poor reputation in that area, completely unjustified. However, it is better to take a number of things into account to avoid all risks. The main rule is: never keep your gas bottles in a closed or non-ventilated space such as a garage or an underground car park. You don’t have to disconnect the gas bottle every time. If you turn off the gas supply, it is completely safe to simply store the gas bottle in the connected state.

Maintaining a gas barbecue

The maintenance of a gas barbecue requires a little more effort than cleaning a charcoal barbecue. You will have to work with a scouring pad and cleaning agent to make your gas appliance shine.