Best Way Of Reading Manga

Best Way Of Reading Manga

Sound Effects 

Like comics, manga uses graphic processes to express emotions, noise, and sound effects. They are used to accentuate emotions, feelings, or reactions or to make the reader hear a great sound, such as a blow or something that breaks.

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Sometimes the sound effects are left in Japanese characters to better respect the original work. Although we cannot understand them all, the context helps, so we understand their meaning without mastering the Japanese language.

Not surprisingly, the bigger the noise or onomatopoeia in the vignette, the louder it will be in the context of the manga. Therefore, a large “TAGADA TAGADA” means that a horse is galloping at a great pace.

Tips for reading manga

There are so many mangas that, with some exceptions, you may not have heard of most.

The ideal sleeves for children

Kids have lots of options to read manga, but you will notice that the main theme of the Kodomo is … the cat. Why? I have no idea, but cats are popular with Japanese children and also in Spain. Chi manga is a worthy representative of it!

You will also find small gems in famous works such as Dr. Slump, the great Akira Toriyama (the father of Dragon Ball), or in the series known as an adaptation to the manga of the Pokémon video game, surprising and extremely fascinating, even for teenagers.

Finally, kids can have fun reading fun and cute manga like Doraemon, Mirumo, or terrible Shin-Chan. There is nothing better than presenting children with manga to develop their imagination!

Being a young teenager and reading a manga

The period between 10 and 15 years is the ideal age to read manga since these young people are the main target of publishers. In this way, Nekketsu is the most developed genre among preadolescent readers, with big names like One Piece, Dragon Ball or Naruto.

It is also a time when sport becomes a matter of great interest. A mangaka like Tadatoshi Fujimaki has reflected this perfectly with his very popular Kuroko’s Basket, or with other titles like Sayonara Football, a little more mature than an Inazuma Eleven and more recent than a Captain Tsubasa. Eyeshield 21 is also a very good manga to learn the rules of football in a funny way.

Finally, the teenager, with his head full of birds, can find happiness in that manga that deals with magic and powers such as My Hero Academy, Shaman King, Seven Deadly Sins, M × Zero, or MÄR.

Some Ideas for Teens and Young Adults

The sleeves for teenagers and young adults (approximately between 15 and 20 years old) are the most numerous and interesting. Among them, we find big names like Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO) or Death Note, two references that you should not miss.

There are other slightly less known manga that may also be of great interest to you if you are in this age group, such as the Fate series (Fate / Stay Night, Fate / Zero, etc.) which is also very good to see on anime. You will also be able to discover other pearls in the crown at the very least, such as 666 Satan, an unusual Shonen.

Finally, the world of Shojo opens up before you, as with the legendary Nana, who will have made more than one (and more than one) cry, Paradise Kiss, Nodame Cantabile, or Bride Stories. Attention: Shojo does not mean exclusively for girls, it is only a commercial objective.

It does not have almost any series, but it does dedicate a large space to the best of Japanese culture in terms of movies. Chihiro’s Journey or Princess Mononoke are some examples of this type of content.

In addition, it also has films of great world fame, such as the One Piece, Dragon Ball, and Pokémon movies (The movie, The power of one and The Spell of the Unown).

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