May 19, 2022

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Best Way To Hangouts With Party Games To Your Friends And Family

Hangouts With Party Games

At this time we all are busy with our own lifestyle. So sometimes we will try to enjoy ourselves one day with our friends and families because they are too important for us. So if you want to enjoy a day with your important persons or arrange any party games then this article is for you. Instead of playing any trippy conversation which makes your party bored, play some interesting games. A party is totally useless without games. So your large group needs enjoyment with games and in this article, we will discuss some party games for large groups that make your day best.

Balloon stomp:

Balloon stomp is a very popular and attractive game for children to adults. You can play this with more than 10 people. For playing this game you need at least 40 to 50 balloons with at least three different colors, trash bags, and ribbon. The winner will be that last team with non-popped balloons.

Battle of sexes:

This game is for high school t adults with 3- 20 or above persons. This game is full of twists so you can enjoy the game. For playing this game you need a ground or a place where you can run around for more than 20 minutes. The winner will that person who standing until the last.

The blob:

It is a very interesting game for kids as well as adults. For playing this game you need a place where your group can run away. You have to choose an area for the blob if anyone exceeds the area they will be the part of the blob. The winner will be that person who is not part of the blob till the end. If the blob touches you, then you will the part of the blob.

Chair basketball:

It is a game from small groups to large groups that means 6 to 20 people can play this game. To play this game you have to sit on a chair toss the ball into the basket. This game for elementary school students. It takes only 15-20 minutes.

 The cup game:

Everyone can play this game for passing the time. If you are 6 or 20 all can play this. This game for small to large groups. It takes only 15 minutes. To play this game everyone should take a cup and till the end that has the cup, will be the winner.

Never ever I have:

It is a very interesting game for adults. You can make more than 400 questions and after every question drink a glass or cup of water or any alcoholic drink.

Truth and dare:

I personally recommended these party games to everyone. By playing this game you can know everyone’s small details and you can do whatever you want. For playing this game you need a bottle and round the bottle. The person who gets the cap side told the truth or does the dare given by the opposite person.

Fruit salad:

It is a good indoor icebreaker game for the kids but teens also play this. It is a very simple and learning game for small groups as well as large groups. To win this game you have to avoid organisms left in the center of the circle. To play this game you need chairs and at least 2 people staying in the circle.

Halloween tag:

It is a very easy & interesting indoor game for medium to larger groups with Halloween twists. You need only 15 minutes and a big room where everyone can easily run away. You can play this whatever your age. The winner will be that person who stands till the last.

Kick the can:

This game is basically for teenagers but everyone can play this. To play this game you need a gym area or a large flat area where a medium or large group can play this and you need an empty water bottle or washed can. If you are successful to knock over a bottle or kicked the can, you will be the winner.


In this busy schedule, we all enjoy hangout with our family and friends. And games are the best way to do that. I think this article will help you to find the best game for your groups.