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When you are going to buy a fan, you can choose from many types. Every fan has different options. Below we tell you what you should pay attention to when purchasing a new fan. Buy a fan? We are happy to advise you!

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Which fan do you choose?

A fan does not cool air but blows it through a room. This creates a pleasant breeze on hot summer days that lowers the perceived temperature. The airflow from the fan makes it appear cooler. There are different types of fans: table fans, standing fans, tower fans, floor fans, and ceiling fans. In addition, there are models that not only blow out the air, but also purify it first. What are the differences between these fans and what are the pros and cons? You can read it below. Buy a fan? We are happy to advise you!

table fan

A table fan is a simple, small fan and provides a cool breeze from your desk or table. Ideal for when you want to cool off while you are working behind your desk. Most table fans can rotate back and forth so that the air is blown over a wider area. Get your best product with idea for buying 

standing fan

A standing fan stands on the ground and has a high handle so that it is at the right height. With a standing fan you won’t lose any space on your desk or table. A standing fan can rotate back and forth so that the air is blown over a wider area. Buy a fan?

A pedestal fan has a height-adjustable handle. This way you can place the fan exactly at the desired height.

Floor fan

You place a floor fan on the floor. A floor model fan is very powerful and is suitable for larger spaces. You can adjust the angle at which the fan blows up or down. A floor fan does not rotate back and forth but blows in one direction.

Ceiling fan

The ceiling fan is widely used in bedrooms. They make little noise and produce a lot of air circulation. Some models have a built-in lamp. Buy a fan

With a ceiling fan, make sure that the connection point has enough bearing capacity to hang the fan securely. The blades of the fan must also hang at a safe height of at least 230 cm.

Tower fan

A tower fan stands on the ground and is approximately 80 cm high. Unlike a traditional fan, a tower fan blows air at multiple heights. Tower fans are compact but very powerful. There are also tower fans with a built-in ionizer for cleaning and changing the air in your room. Tower fans can rotate back and forth so that the air is blown over a wider area.

Fan next to bed

The noise level of a fan is measured in decibels (dB) and is especially important in the bedroom. After all, you want to be able to sleep peacefully. Most fans have a noise level between 50 and 65 dB on the highest setting.

Fan with air purifier

Some tower fans have an air-cleaning function. Filters absorb bad substances. For example, air-polluting things such as cigarette smoke, smog, pollen, viruses, and fungi have no chance. An air purifier is ideal for people with allergies or lung conditions.


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