Details in Cobra Kai Season 1 and 2 Explained!

Cobra Kai

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Cobra Kai — the TV series portraying the consequences of the dispute between two high schoolers in the film from the ’80s, ‘The Karate Kid.’ Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso were the arch-rivals in the field of karate. Both used to challenge the other to prove their superiority over each other. As ‘The Karate Kid’ ended, Daniel beat Johnny and his dojo named ‘Cobra Kai’ in a tournament. The TV series has introduced a cool Cobra Kai Jacket in a gloomy black color and also kept the plot of the movie trilogy continued.

Daniel has become a rich celebrity, and Johnny has not gotten over the defeat as his life tore apart even more. But he has now returned and revived his built Cobra Kai dojo to keep the fun and rivalry intact with Daniel. As two seasons have already streamed, let’s look at the details of some scenes you might have happened to miss!


The TV series begins with a scene where Johnny is lying on his belly on an untidy bed as Cobra Kai is the continuation of ‘The Karate Kid’ that came after almost 34 years. Its main focus was to resume the story left in the film as Johnny was taken down by Daniel and was resting face down, on his belly, the scene from where the TV series continued.

The show is depicting the real struggle that Johnny confronted with his Cobra Kai dojo. If you are seeing Cobra Kai, it’s obvious that you must have been a follower of the movie trilogy; The Karate Kid. The circumstances that Johnny faced in his life after that defeat is evident with the way he was lying — face hidden from the camera.


The series might occur after 34 years, but the rivalry between the two karate experts has remained the same. Both are now the heads of their karate dojos in Los Angeles, where they used to live their whole life. The city has many dating options and spots, but it looked like the teenagers and adults of both eras love to visit Golf n’ Stuff.

In the movie, the first date of Daniel and Ali was on the same spot. It is a big place to relish many gaming sessions to have a pleasant time. Later in Cobra Kai, Johnny also went with Ali to the same place. And then the honors pass onto Miguel, who also took his girlfriend, Samantha, on a date there. The place then popped up in the TV series for actual!


Eli — the brightest star from Johnny’s dojo, was known as Hawk by everyone. Everybody calls him that due to his quirky hairstyle, inspired by the punk style from the ’80s. His hair is multi-colored, and basically, the word ‘Hawk’ has been derived from his haircut known as ‘Mohawk.’ He goes for this hairstyle to show his transformation from being a shy guy to a confident person, encouraged by Johnny. He also gets a ‘Hawk’ symbol on his back.

Another theory behind ‘Hawk’ is that at first, people used to tease him by naming him ‘Lip’— it was Johnny, usually — as he got a mark over his lip after surgery. As Eli became more confident as the episodes went by, his scar almost vanished as he transformed into a more poised person, or according to him, a Hawk.


As the TV series started, we saw Daniel preparing breakfast for his children, which he named ‘Bananarama Pancake.’ The pancakes were having whipped cream, chocolate chunks, and fruits on them. It must sound like an adorable dad wordplay, but that’s not the actual context, though. It takes us to the initial The Karate Kid when a small singing band ‘Bananarama’ was super-hit. Their song ‘Cruel Summer’ was also used in the film, and then the revised version of it was also infused in the Cobra Kai TV series.


Johnny has brought his favorite saying with him to the TV series as well. His motto that he made his signature during the practice — ‘Strike first, Strike hard, No mercy’— was noticed printed on the wall in Cobra Kai too. Not just that, the outfit having a combination of vibrant yellow and subtle black that his students used to carry in The Karate Kid is also existing in the TV series.

The Cobra Kai logo on the Cobra Kai Leather Jacket is also there. Johnny used to don it even when he wasn’t doing karate as the color depicts the consistency of Cobra Kai dojo members. The electrifying red tones show the attribution and respect of the students towards their master’s unmatchable fierce tactics. On the other hand, the students of Daniel wear blue that depicts a calm and less aggressive image than the red

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