Difference Between A Wedding Ring And Wedding Band

Wedding Ring

Since the purpose of wedding rings and bands is the same, people tend to get confused between the two. After all, they are both exchanged during the wedding ceremony! But without getting too caught up in the nomenclature, here’s an oversimplified difference – a wedding ring usually contains a diamond or gemstone is a protruding solitaire setting. Whereas a wedding band is more linear, with or without the stones – usually studded in a linear or bezel setting. If that failed to make things clear, then delve deeper into differences between a wedding ring and a wedding band:

Wedding Bands Are More Simplistic than Wedding Rings

Wedding bands are usually designed as plain rings made with platinum, silver, or gold. The metal is usually chosen to complement the groom’s wedding band. Modern wedding bands contain diamonds or precious stones studded inside the band, or fancier designs have a string of diamonds in bezel, channel, infinity, or twist settings. But these stones, since they are fitted into the band, can still have lower carat weight, clarity, and subsequently cost.

On the other hand, wedding rings – no matter how simplistic – tend to have pomp and show associated with them. These contain at least a solitaire diamond if nothing else. More exuberant rings are made of three stones setting, higher carat weight solitaires in six or four-prong settings. These sparkle miles away from the altar – that’s why they are desired by so many affluent women.

Wedding Bands Are Usually Preferred Over Wedding Rings

Even though affluent women want their wedding rings to be the cynosure of the crowd. Wedding bands are preferred by a vast majority of women. Especially due to the growing trend of stalking your engagement ring over your wedding band. More on engagement rings later. But this new look of wearing both your wedding band and the ring has become widely popular due to numerous reasons. Firstly, it looks stunning, your fingers dazzle with the scintillations of the paired ring as well as the band. Secondly, it also seems like a pocket-friendly, yet affectionate gesture. People end up spending more on the engagement ring – that is a pure representation of the woman’s style and personality. While the wedding band is a mutually decided ornament – signifying the couple’s union.  

Traditional Wedding Bands Have Been Completely Plain

Believe it or not, but conventionally wedding bands were only made of a piece of ornamental metal. These were made of titanium, gold, silver, platinum, palladium – metals considered as precious and rare in olden times. Especially where they got their origins from, that is Egypt, Rome, and Greece. Thus, any fancy additions were limited to engravings or stacking of rings. Thus, the traditional wedding bands have remained true to their history after all these years.

Now it must be easier for you to differentiate a wedding ring from a band.

Wedding Rings Are Different from Engagement Rings

Although a few people still choose to use their flashy engagement rings as wedding rings at their ceremony. But the two re conventionally different. But since both wedding and engagement rings may have similar designs. Wedding bands are preferred to make a gross distinction.

Wedding Bands Were Initially Only Worn by Men

This is probably one of the main reasons for the ongoing confusion. Conventionally, and quite understandably, men did not wear fancy, eye-catching jewelry. But gold was still popular amongst the royals, while the queens and princesses opted for precious stones. Thus, depending on the choices of their time, wedding bands became popular amongst grooms and wedding rings were worn by the brides at ceremonies. As times changed, and proposing to your lover became the new norm, wedding bands became more popular. Especially since they held the same sentiments and meaning – while compensating the cost of yet another exuberant ring. But some people still preferred to stick with the traditional wedding ring. That is why you can still catch married women wearing two rings on their engagement finger on both their hands – although it’s a practice usually limited to the elite.  

Bottom line is, newer trends will keep expanding how you can woo your lover. But despite the presence of promise rings, eternity rings, and engagement rings, the wedding band still preserves its uniqueness and glory.

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