DIY Paper Room Decoration Ideas | Top 5 DIY Paper Room Decor Ideas.

DIY Paper Room Decoration

Hello to All Toady We are Going to Guide you all about 5 DIY Paper Room Decor Ideas.

DIY room decoration Number 1.

These are all super easy and cheap DIY room decorations I made using supplies I already had in my house. And by supplies, I mean literally just paper. This first decor is super easy. Basically just grab a magazine, and take out some pages with images you like. Then draw an X outline on all of them and cut them out. You can now apply these X’s to your wall any way you want.

DIY room decoration Number 2.

Grab some pages from a magazine with images you like and then outline letters on them. These letters you end up outlining and cutting out will form a quote or word you’d like to have your wall. Now, this decor’s probably one of my favorites. This time, you don’t have to use a page with pretty images. Instead of using pages that contain colorful images, you can use pages with all words on them. In my opinion, those types of pages look best for this decor, but it’s really up to you. You’ll outline a heart shape on to the pages and then cut them out. By now you guys probably already know the whole outlining and cutting routine. Then you’ll need some note cards or any other paper that’s as thick as note cards. Cut a strip of the notecard and fold it 4times so that when you unravel it, you end up getting 5 sections. Fold these sections into a square shape and then tape this square to the back of a heart. And as you can see, we now have really cute heart pop-ups.

DIY room decoration Number 3.

This ones gonna be a banner with any word you want. This time, you have to get pages that contain almost 100% words. So basically, just get pages with no busy images, because you’re gonna be drawing letters on them. So go ahead and draw, and then cut a banner shape outline on your pages. Make sure you make the outline longer than what you actually want it to show since you’ll be folding the top of it eventually. Fold the top of the banner pieces. This is what will be holding on to the string you hang. And now you can draw on the letters for that special word you chose. You may wanna trace or use stencils for this step, but I just winged this part. Cut a piece of string and make sure you make it long enough to hold all the letters. Hook the letters on and then open it up to tape the inside where the string is. Then flip it over and add another piece of tape to the back, where the little flap is.

DIY room decoration Number 4.

This is going to be another banner decor, except with no letters. This time, you can go back to picking out pages with pretty designs on them. Draw a diamond shape on the pages but make sure the top of the diamond isn’t perfectly symmetrical to the bottom. Make it smaller than the triangle on the bottom. You’ll see why later. Then cut them all out and fold them in half. Get some string and do the same process as the last banner decor. Open up the piece and tape the string to the inside of the paper. close it back, then flip it over and tape the flap that sticks out on the back. This is why you had to make the top of the diamond smaller.

DIY room decoration Number 5.

I’ve actually seen them sell in stores. It’s just simple butterflies that are super easy to make. I’m pretty sure you guys have all done this in kindergarten, so the steps to this one should be pretty self-explanatory. My only suggestion is to use thicker paper like maybe construction paper rather than thin magazine pages. Oh yeah, and if you’re using black paper, maybe don’t use a black marker to outline it. It was kinda hard for me to see when I was cutting it since I used black on black. In the end, just use some double-sided tape or sticky tack to apply them to your walls.

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