April 10, 2021

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Dog Breeds Are The Most Human-Friendly

Dog Breeds

The dog is an ideal companion – he is faithful, he does not complain, can comfort, improve humor, and encourages physical activity. However, among the dogs are breeds that are especially gentle to humans and easy to style. This is especially important for inexperienced people and having small children at home.

A dog friendly to man should be gentle, patient, loyal, obedient, and friendly to children, have a calm and balanced disposition, and be happy to learn. Here are some breeds that best meet these conditions.

Table of Contents

  • Golden retriever
  • Labrador Retriever
  • Poodle
  • Airedale Terrier
  • Boxer
  • Shih Tzu

Golden retriever

(Dog Breeds) The breed of these dogs is distinguished by great intelligence and a gentle character. These dogs rarely bark and are emotionally balanced, and at the same time full of energy that is best used during long walks. Golden retrievers are very attached to the owner and most often do not step away from him, they also require his constant attention. Due to their innate gentleness, they are great as family dogs, as well as companions for the elderly and the sick.

However, they require to care for a long coat that you need to brush several times a week and falling ears.

These dogs weigh 25-38 kg, live 10-12 years.

Labrador Retriever

Labradors are ideal family dogs – they are easy to position and very child-friendly. They would gladly accompany man everywhere. They are curious and very loyal to the man. They have a calm personality and are very balanced, they contribute to maintaining harmony among the household members.

In the past, Labradors were bred as hunting dogs, which is why every new owner should remember their need for movement and challenges. They like to work very much, which is why they are also great as police dogs or as guides.

In terms of size, Labrador belongs to medium breeds. Males usually reach withers 56-57 cm, females 45-56 cm. They come in three beautiful colors: black, yellow (biscuit) and brown (liver).

These dogs weigh 29-33 kg, live 12-14 years. (Dog Breeds)


Poodles are open and friendly dogs, perfectly suited to a human companion. They are empathic, have a mild disposition, react to strangers with calmness. They are also distinguished by intelligence (in this respect they excel in all rankings). They learn very quickly, but they require attention. What’s more, they love being the center of attention!

Poodles come in four sizes:

  • large poodle (royal) – the height at withers 45-60 cm,
  • medium poodle – height at withers 35-45 cm,
  • miniature poodle – height at withers 28-35 cm,
  • Toy poodle – height at withers less than 28 cm.

Unfortunately, joint and eye diseases are very common to this breed and often lead to blindness.

Depending on the breed, these dogs live even over 15 years.

Airedale Terrier

It’s a dog that will go with you everywhere! He is spontaneous, he is not timid, but he also knows how to behave. Like any terrier, he is stubborn and very intelligent – this means that sometimes he dictates his own conditions. It is a dog for active people, learns quickly and is very friendly. He especially likes children. Unfortunately, he has hunting instincts, so it’s worth thinking about keeping another pet at home, e.g. a cat or a hamster.

The coat of dogs of this breed should be trimmed regularly – thanks to this it retains its natural glow. Dogs reach up to 59 cm at the withers. They like movement and will be satisfied with jogging, cycling and other activities. This is not a lazy dog!

These dogs weigh 18-29 kg, live 10-12 years. (Dog Breeds)


Boxers are considered uncomplicated characters, friendly towards people and willingly accompanying him. They love children, they are patient, balanced and calm. For the boxer, it is important that his teacher is calm, easy-going and friendly with him. The dog is great for inexperienced people.

Unfortunately, boxers tend to deform the joints, hip dysplasia, arthrosis or spondylitis. They also have heart disease and cancer more often. They have a square silhouette, which means that their body length corresponds to the height at the withers.

These dogs weigh 25-32 kg, live 10-12 years.

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu is open and friendly to people and other animals seem to be more like a cat than a dog and can be perverse. He loves to play and his upbringing should be simple with minimal caregiver knowledge.

Shih Tzu has eye and breathing problems due to their short nose. They also require treatments – you have to go to the hairdresser for a haircut!

These dogs weigh 4-7.2 kg, live 12-17 years.