June 8, 2021

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Electric Cars Arrive With 1000 Kilometers Of Autonomy

Electric Cars
Electric Cars

The vehicles of the future are getting closer to becoming a reality. It is no longer science fiction when we talk about possibilities like autonomous cars. Read on if you want to keep up to date with the latest news.

Innovations for the coming years

One of the new proposals comes from the hand of Nikola Motors, a brand that has just announced that in 2020 it will launch new car batteries that are going to be truly revolutionary, although it is likely that they will not be commercialized until 2021 and it was said by auto for trade, where you can find quality used cars on sale in New Zealand.

Many details of the secret of the new battery have not yet been revealed, because the brand wants to take maximum care of the security and confidentiality of the product it is about to launch. However, it is known that the innovation resides in a self-supporting electrode battery, which consists of a lithium-ion battery that manages to multiply the energy density it produces by four. This self-supporting electrode system has already been used in electric truck prototypes, with fantastic results.

Among other advantages is the improvement in a fundamental aspect in vehicles, and that is that the weight decreases significantly. In the truck test models that Nikola Motors has launched, there is talk of weight savings that makes these heavy vehicles reach 2,000 kilograms less. This represents a revolutionary advance, and although it is understood that it is an intermediate point until reaching the final models, it is a great step forward. The trucks with which the tests have been carried out are designed for medium and short distances, since they are capable of traveling about 1,300 kilometers, a not inconsiderable autonomy. The technology is complemented by the use of a hydrogen fuel cell. In this way, vehicles can cope with even greater distances.

A more sustainable future

The main advantage of electric cars is their low impact on the environment. It has been amply demonstrated that the current model of combustion engines is destined to disappear. Not only because it is based on oil, which is a limited energy source and close to exhaustion. Before that happens, the world has begun to become aware of an issue as or more important.

We are facing a climate emergency, and if industrialized countries continue to emit greenhouse gases, the consequences for the planet can be disastrous. Climate change is no longer just the shadow warned by the most ecologically conscious organizations and experts. Today almost no one can deny that it is in our power to change things, both for the environment and for health reasons. Car emissions are known to have a truly negative effect on respiratory health, and it is one more problem that must be addressed as soon as possible. Against this background, electric cars are a great solution and provide a bit of light, promising a future that is more respectful of nature and health.

And, as we already saw in our interactive infographic on what the car of the future will be, the electric car is only an intermediate step of what is to come in this century. Click on the image and discover the history, the present and what is yet to come in the automotive industry.

Clean energy and greater autonomy

When people started talking about cars powered by electricity, some people saw it as far away as autonomous cars. At present, these types of vehicles are already circulating, although their use has not become high consumption. However, electric vehicles are already a reality that is in the dealerships. After a transition phase in which they opted for hybrids, more and more consumers are thinking of getting an electric car. As with all technologies, initial prices, much higher than those for diesel or gasoline engines, are starting to get cheaper, a highly influential argument for the average user. Once that first obstacle has been overcome, the next challenge arrives autonomy. It is not a trivial matter, since the charging time and the limited autonomy of the first models were a stumbling block that made some of those interested in buying an electric car give up. For this reason, the launch of electric cars with 1,000 kilometers of autonomy has become the news of the year in the motor world. Not much more is known about the promising Nikola Motors prototype than the generalities they have explained, since the details are reserved for confidentiality reasons, in order to differentiate themselves from the competition. It is known that electric trucks that have been tested with a hydrogen fuel cell will be on the market in less than two years. It is estimated that, with a charge of the hydrogen tank that it incorporates, they could travel more than 1,000 kilometers. It remains to be determined how this new technology would be transferred to automobiles, but the project is already underway. An exciting proposal that makes us dream of a cleaner future.