Factors Which Helped In Uber’s Success

Ubers Success

The Era that we are living in is being ruled by mobile apps. Just taking one simple look around us can help us see the millions of mobile apps being used by people around us. Since the launch of the smartphone, the use of mobile apps has become as common for people as buying groceries, maybe even more common than that. The point is that almost every person in this world is now a mobile app user. (Uber’s Success)

It is, of course, at the discretion of a person to use whichever mobile app they want to use. And people normally go for the mobile apps that they feel are the most useful for them. A mobile app that provides the most value to its users and caters to the needs and problems of users around the world is the one that stands the highest chance of success in the mobile app development industry. 

Talking about what makes a mobile app successful and forgetting Uber, one of the world’s most famous and successful mobile apps, can be called a major crime nowadays. When you create an app like Uber you provide people with a solution to one of their most basic needs in today’s time which has to lead to the success and fame of the mobile app. Now, there are various factors that play a vital role in the success of a mobile app. Some of these important factors are listed and described below:

Identifying the issues of your target audience: 

Uber’s Success When you talk about a mobile app that has become successful over the years then you need to understand that there is a lot of research behind the creation of that app. This research allows the developers to understand their target audience in a much better way and helps them to know about the problems being faced by their target audience. Now, a mobile app that gets successful is the one that caters to the said issues of the target audience in the best possible manner. For example Uber, this mobile app identified the daily transportation problem that people had been facing all over the world and provided a simple mobile app that allowed their users, across the globe, to travel in a much more hassle-free manner and in a much lower cost. It was the research that allowed the developers to understand the gap in the market and provide a solution that would fill this gap effectively.

Making the app user-friendly: 

Uber’s Success Another major reason for the success of an app like uber is definitely the fact that using this mobile app is extremely easy. According to many studies on this subject, it has been revealed that people are usually not technology experts and prefer to use mobile apps that are easy to understand and use. A mobile app that is complex might not get the response which a user-friendly app gets from the users across the globe. Not only that, but all you have to do is also put yourself in your user’s shoes and try using the mobile app and ask yourself this question, would you use a mobile app, no matter how amazing it is, if you cannot even understand how to use it? The answer to this question will definitely help you understand the importance of creating a mobile app that is user-friendly. 


One of the major reasons why uber became so popular was also because of the amazingly thoughtful features that were introduced in the mobile app by its developers. Users all over the world love using the app and the features make it much more advantageous for the users to use this app. An example of an awesome feature provided in uber is the option that allows its users to use multiple payment methods. A highly realistic and practical feature that takes into account the fact that people might not have cash on them all the time so they can pay through different means.   

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