November 29, 2022

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Features and Advantages of A Glass Shower Enclosure

A Glass shower enclosure is a trendy bathroom fixture that is loved for its utility and aesthetics. However, you will need to carefully plan its installation.

Are you looking for a bathroom makeover? Installing a new glass shower enclosure can be a great way to upgrade up your space. If you are already not aware, an enclosure is a concealed cubicle of glass wall panels, a shower door, and a shower tray. It helps to keep the other areas of the bathroom floor dry, so it may not become messy and slippery. Without a proper division between dry and wet areas, it will be impossible for you to keep it clean as water will splash out from the shower. So, it has an important role to play to keep your space tidy. It was the reason these were manufactured. 

However, over time, homeowners have realized its importance in terms of improving aesthetics and overall look. With much attention from the media, showing them in advertisements and movies, enclosures gained a lot of popularity in the past few decades.  

In this article, we are going to discuss the features of these enclosures. 

Components of a shower Enclosures

You may already have an idea about the glass shower enclosure from our previous discussion. Generally, it has the following components that together make a cubicle. 

  • The tempered glass wall panels are an important component of an enclosure. These have a thickness ranging from 4mm to 8mm. These may have different sizes depending on your needs. These are customizable, but most homeowners choose to buy from different shapes like a quadrant, square or rectangular. 
  • Another important part is a shower door that provides access to space. It is also available in different styles based on the way these operate. 
  • You will also need a shower tray that provides a firm surface to stand within the cubicle. It should have a similar shape as your cubicle to fit well into it. 

   Features of A Glass Shower Enclosure

     There are the following features of the glass shower cubicle. 

  • Sometimes, you may need to install an enclosure in a space with an unusual layout. For this purpose, premade shapes may not be suitable. Therefore, the only option you are left with is customizing it as per your requirements. 
  • Another important feature is the availability of various choice that makes it a flexible choice for different layouts. Depending on your need, availability of plumbing, and space, you may install it anywhere. However, the preferred place for this purpose is usually in the corners or between two walls.
  • The glass shower enclosure looks attractive and help you in creating a contemporary look. If you are looking for something trendy, then it should be your top choice. 
  • Since most parts of these cubicles use glass as a material, you can keep them clean easily. Whenever you want to clean it, just spray a liquid cleaner and wipe it off. In addition to that, there may not be any maintenance required on a regular basis except doors that may need little look after to keep them working smoothly. 
  • Installing cubicles is an excellent way to add value to your home. Due to their attractive look, you can expect that your home will become an attractive property to buy.

Does Glass Thickness Matters for Shower Enclosure? 

Many people who want to install a glass enclosure are concerned about the glass thickness. All cubicles are made with toughened safety glass that is available in thickness ranging from 4mm to 6mm. Generally, a midrange 6mm thick glass is perfectly fine to shower enclosures. It is safe, sturdy, and durable. You must remember that the durability of an enclosure does not necessarily depend on the thickness of the glass. You must not go for thicker glasses without solid reason as it may make your enclosure bulkier and heavier. 

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A Glass shower enclosure is a trendy bathroom fixture that is loved for its utility and aesthetics. However, you will need to carefully plan its installation. Make series of choices that include the type of enclosure, door, and tray while making the purchase. Have you gone through the information related to all these choices? And ready to make a purchase. Then visit to go through our extensive range of fittings and fixtures available at lower prices.