May 19, 2022

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Hampta Pass-one Of The Most Dramatic Cross Hikes In The Himalayas

Hampta Pass Trek

 Hampta Pass Trek is ideal for beginner hikers. It is easy to reach and walk, but it is also great. This is convenient compared to leaving a remote town, and it takes about 4 trips to complete this trip. You can start your journey at a distance of 1,400 feet from Manali. This hike allows you to travel a variety of landscapes. It covers stony soil, dense forests, open valleys, and lakes, making it a perfect visual enjoyment for photography.

The  Hampta Pass is probably the most thrilling mixed tour you can take. Straight from the beginning of this journey, this trail marks the rhythm of increasing wonders in the landscape. Among all the travel routes, Hampta Pass Trek is considered to be an ideal multi-day travel route, offering the rich green landscape of Kullu Valley..

 This starts with your first camping area, Jobra, which is located in the forest on the edge of the valley. Your next campsite, Jwara, is a wildflower hill in the valley gathering spot! At that time there was a Balukagra Fjord and avocado desert spring. For general short trips (perhaps a 5-day trip), it is full of these rapidly changing sights.

 These visual mood changes are based on the thinning of Hampta Valley. It is almost the channel of choice, and it stays until the end of Chatru’s journey. This means that all precipitation is trapped in the valley like a valley, making the environment rich.

 Currently, we have a crossover, which is the cherry on the cake. The trail runs down from the lush green valley of Kuru to the overhang of the mountains on the opposite side. The shadow it left in it was the Hampta Pass. It is full of gallery views of another world below: the Lahaul Desert. From the mountain pass, you will see the Lahar Valley and the vast surrounding mountains. This may be the most exciting scene twist you have ever seen!

 You can also spend a day at Chandratal Lake, famous for its rare deep blue. Hampta Pass connects the most beautiful areas of Kuru with Lahar and Spiti, allowing you to come into contact with abundant flora and fauna, rare Himalayan birds, and beautiful wild landscapes. Tourists from all over the world come here to enjoy an exciting experience to appreciate their hearts. The impressive glaciers, snow, and tacky formations will amaze you, but the snow on the Hampta Pass makes this hike a good choice. Although the best time to visit is between June and September, you can visit at any time of the year.

 However, these unfathomable and sensational scenes must have been obtained from this trip. The itinerary was quite satisfactory, and the days to pass the customs were long and tiring!

 What to pay attention to Shea Goru Camping Area

 Shea Goru is a camping area that everyone likes. This is a direct result of the huge differences in their environment. This is a desert garden, a green area in an abandoned place in the Lahar Valley. A gentle stream curves towards the camping area, greening the desert. You can even find wildflowers growing along the waterways! With such a select setting, it’s no surprise that our travelers and staff like this campground overall. Note that this may also be the coldest camping area. Put on a cape at night!

Incredibly, most people never speak of the drive from Manali to Jobra, the trek’s start point. It’s one of my favorite mountain drives. When we were driving, I was glued to the window. I’ll never forget it (tip: sit on the left). In a dizzying series of hairpin bends, the dirt track climbs the mountain face at breakneck speed.

Apple orchards turned into deodar forests, and then oaks within an hour. After Manali, it got cooler, and then it got cold! This was something I had no idea existed just a short drive from Manali. A hundred times I’ve driven by Manali without noticing it.

 Pass Crossing

 It is the adrenaline in the scene that defeats the exhaustion of Pass Climbing. Terrifying cliff-like peaks surround this narrow valley. Depending on the season, your trip will be on snow or free moraine. There are countless false edges that allow you to infer that you have reached the pass! Eventually, you will reach the point where you can doubt the glory of the region. Before you were Indrasen and Deo Tibba. The desert of Lahar sank. This is the Hampta Pass. Go left from the past and start to follow the criss-cross paths to the next campsite. Depending on the season, autumn is a tricky ground or shaking. He is ruthless on his knees! Plan your itinerary for the day well.

 Chandratal, if any

 You may know the famous Pangong Lake in Ladakh. We say Chandratal Lake is also amazing! It should not be as old as Pan Gong. Nevertheless, it has lively lakes and shadows, desert mountain views, and everything else. This is a special reward for a special feeling of confinement, which is no longer available in the popular Bangong Lake. However, the visit to Chandratal depends on whether the path to the lake is clear. The road to Chandratal will almost certainly be hampered by snow this season.

 Driving to Chobla

 Driving to Chobla from Manali is very beautiful. The street moves behind Manali, going from 6,726 feet in the city to 9,800 feet! As the street winds its way through 42 hairpins and up the incline, you will see Manali getting more and more modest, more and more modest. A small village that surrounds the Kuru Valley. Rani Nallah, you will travel close until it disappears under the snow of Hampta Pass, and you will walk with you from here.