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Cleaning the dishwasher

After a few washes, your dishwasher may start to smell. Then it is high time to clean your dishwasher. Cleaning a dishwasher starts with a few simple steps. You can also do the cleaning yourself, you don’t need an expert for this. Not only do you have to clean a dishwasher to prevent unpleasant odors. It is also essential for the life of the machine. To keep the dishwasher in top condition, it’s important to clean it regularly. Even when you use all-in-1 dishwasher tablets or other tablets where it is stated that this is not necessary. 


Cleaning starts with a few simple steps. The biggest filth is the dirt left behind. This dirt has come loose from your dirty dishes but has remained in the dishwasher. This also creates the nasty odor you smell. Start with the steps below for a good first cleaning. 


Inside the dishwasher is a filter that catches all food residues so that they do not end up in the pump. This is also the biggest (dirty) source of the odor in the dishwasher. All rinsed food remains accumulate in the filter and begin to decompose over time. In the manual of your dishwasher, you will find the location of the filter and how you can best clean it. You often have to remove the filter from the dishwasher, scrub well with a brush and rinse with lukewarm water. It is also wise to clean the compartment from which you remove the filter with a cloth. Don’t forget to put everything back as it should after cleaning the filter. If you are not sure which part belongs where it is wise to take a photo before removing the filter. 


The dishwasher’s spray arms ensure that the water is distributed regularly. Every brand, such as a Siemens dishwasher for example, has worked for years on the most optimal spray arm. By running a dishwasher with the best-functioning spray arms, your dishes will be cleaner and you use less water. Cleaning the spray arms is therefore also very important. Dirt and lime accumulate in the holes through which the water is sprayed. You can pierce these holes with a cocktail stick, for example. Some dishwashers also allow you to easily remove the spray arms. This allows you to better clean the arms and rinse them under the tap. Always check the manual of your dishwasher before removing it. 


The inside of a dishwasher always looks shiny, but this is certainly not the case on closer inspection. Running the dishwasher without dirty dishes is definitely a good idea. You can also do this more often, for example, every 2 months. Some dishwashers even have a cleaning program for this. After rinsing, it is wise to also wipe the entire inside with a cloth. When you can remove the baskets from the dishwasher, you have more space to put a cloth through them. 


Dirt also collects in the door seals over time. By carefully pulling out the rubbers you can see the dirt. With a damp cloth you can easily clean the edges of the rubbers and remove the accumulated dirt and dust. You have to be careful when cleaning the door seals. You should always prevent a torn door seal. If a door seal contains a crack, you must replace it.


In addition to the places that you can reach for cleaning, the dishwasher also has a number that you cannot see with the eye and cannot reach. It is, therefore, best to clean a dishwasher with a special cleaning agent. There are different types of cleaning agents for the sale. You have degreasers, fresheners, and descalers. Cleaning a dishwasher with a special agent does not have to be done every week, but regularly. By cleaning with a special agent, the pipes and hidden parts will also become clean again. 


cleaning the dishwasher with sofa cleaning the dishwasher with soda is becoming more common these days, but too much soda can also be harmful to your dishwasher. Cleaning the dishwasher with soda should therefore be done carefully. Never put more than a teaspoon of baking soda in the compartment where the soap cube normally goes. It is wise to choose a program with a high temperature when you are going to clean with soda. This ensures that the baking soda can be rinsed away well and that the dishwasher, rubbers, and parts are not affected. You can clean a dishwasher with soda without dirty dishes. 


The water that the dishwasher uses contains lime and magnesium. A large amount of lime and magnesium provides “hard” water. The dishwasher has a water softener that, among other things, ensures that you do not get white deposits. To make the softener work as well as possible, you should use salt in the dishwasher. You should not use regular table salt for this. This must be specially developed dishwasher salt. For shiny clean dishes and a clean dishwasher, top up the salt regularly. In most dishwashers, you will find a large round cap into which you can throw the dishwasher salt.

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