March 26, 2023

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How Instagram Link In Bio is Essential For a Company

Instagram link in bio

If you want to promote your business through social media, Instagram is one of the best marketing tools you can use. Although Instagram is one of the tools that have been proven successful, it is also one of those that cannot be ignored. Instagram is rapidly growing, and now it has approximately 1 billion active users per month. This marketing tool is necessary for any business because it provides excellent features like the Instagram link in bio. With this feature, you can quickly improve your marketing strategy. That way, your brand will soon be known to millions. 

With this marketing app, you don’t need to wait to get to your workspace to start promoting your brand. You can do it by using your mobile devices like Android or iPhone. Just take pictures of your products, add a short description, and push the live button to make it public. But make sure to hashtag your targeted keywords. 

As a new business owner, it could be hard for you to create great content for promoting your brand. I know you don’t have the words to say to engage the customers. But Instagram is different. You don’t need a copywriter. You can inform your message with high-quality pictures that anyone can capture with their lenses. Thus, it is to promote your business with Instagram. 

How Instagram link in bio is essential for a company

Like other social networks, Instagram also keeps some downsides. But here that I’m going to discuss one of those is very frustrating. Instagram allows us to have only one active link in the entire profile. Unfortunately, you cannot add this single in the caption of posts. The bio section is the only place where you’re allowed to have your single clickable link. 

Instagram link in bio is the only way to drive traffic and sales to your business. But the problem is that what you’re going to promote through your bio link. Is it your website? Product pages? YouTube channel? Affiliate sites? Or social profiles? 

I know it is hard to decide, but thanks to the Instagram link in bio tools that come to help you get out of this critical situation. These bio tools also help you optimize your bio link to make the most get out of it. You can promote your multiple links with bio tools, such as links for your affiliate sites, product pages, social profiles, and many more. 

The Instagram link in bio tools also helps you get rid of continuously changing your bio link every time when you upload new content. They allow you to create a mini-website or landing page to show your multiple links on one page. Once you create your page, copy its URL and paste it into your bio section right under the website section. Whenever your audience clicks it, they will see that page hosting your multiple business links. 

Here I will show you some of the most famous Instagram link in bio tools that help you optimize your single link so you can drive more quality leads and traffic to your business. 


LinkBook is 100% free to use. It allows you to create landing pages so you can host whatever you want. It is integrated with Mailchimp, Google analytics, and Facebook pixel. This bio tool comes with a user-friendly interface meaning that it is easy to use. LinkBook facilitates you with advanced link tracking, which helps track your views and clicks. It offers;

  • Free custom domains
  • Scheduled links
  • Media embedding
  • In-depth statistics, and more. 


Shorby is an excellent bio tool. But unfortunately, it is not free to use. It allows users to create smart pages, which are entirely mobile-optimized. You can add videos, texts, animated avatars, GIFs, links, and more on these pages. It provides the following features;

  • Unlimited links
  • Dynamic feeds
  • Link tracking & retargeting
  • Messenger buttons
  • Social icons, and more. 

Sked Link

It is one of the easiest and potent Instagram link bio tools in optimizing your bio link. With it, you can direct your visitors to more than one page, such as your products, blog pages, affiliate pages, etc. Like other bio tools, it allows you to create a personalized landing page by adding a short bio or description and a welcome message. 

Sked link allows you to add Google analytics and Facebook pixel ID to your page. This will help you monitor and track traffic from Instagram. Instagram gallery display is one of its excellent features. This feature enables you to add your feed in customized links. The best part is that the Sked link is 100% free to use. 


If you want to drive traffic and sales from Instagram to your business site, optimize your Instagram link in bio by using any tools mentioned above.