May 7, 2021

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How To Astonish Your Target Customers with Upscale Sleeve Box Packaging?

Upscale Sleeve Box Packaging

Tweaking your sleeve box packaging design can be a deal-breaker. At times, your brand doesn’t need too much glitziness. But the right amount can certainly do the trick for you.

If someone walks up to you and asks, what’s your ideal packaging? What would you say to him? Would it be a regular box? A traditional tea box-shaped packaging? Or a shoebox? I can bet it won’t be any of these boxes. Rather, you will recall something extraordinary, a design that elevated the unboxing experience for you. That’s why packaging experts call it a silent salesman.

However, designing memorable cardboard sleeve packaging is not an easy feat. There are countless ways to embellish your packaging solutions, and here we will tell you how to pull this off smoothly.  

An Invigorating Design

The invigorating means refreshing, revitalizing, and brisk. That’s exactly how your packaging should look to set it apart from others. If you think it’s a cliché, then you can’t be more wrong. The study shows colors and contrasts affect prospective customers directly.  

If your sleeve box packaging is dull and ill-inspired, it will fail to leave a positive impression on your customers. Similarly, if you take it too seriously and slap cheesy fonts and graphics on your packaging, it is less likely to garner good reviews. 

Embracing an invigorating design doesn’t mean one should go over the top. A minimalist design can also be refreshing. You can find numerous examples in this regard, where brands have just used unique patterns to draw the eyeballs, and they have successfully managed to pull this off.

Moreover, check the options a company provide in the boxes area because the trends are quickly evolving in the packaging box industry. If you would like to change your packing design for some reason, it’s best to connect with the same provider that has done it in the first place. It will be more suitable to work with a packaging box company that offers numerous types of boxes.

Make sure to count each sign that might not be as good as this should be—for instance, ignoring important questions, taking too long to address your concerns, or being too blunt in their answers.  

Sense of Touch is Crucial  

As human beings, we have an incredible sense of touch. Of course, sight is an essential sense; touch by no means is less significant.

The sense of touch plays a primary role when it comes to sleeve boxes. Apart from looks, when a customer receives a package, he instantly judges its texture and surface to determine if it’s smooth or sticky. What happens if you rub it? Is it likely that the imprint will wash off?

To quench the sense of touch, you need to harness the power of smooth packaging material and finishing solutions. For instance, you can use various foils and other layers along with embossing and debossing to enrich the customer experience when they get to touch the cardboard sleeve packaging.

As a matter of fact, embossing is often associated with luxury, so it won’t be a bad idea to use it on the packaging surface.   

Integrate Smart Closure

One of the best ways to allure your customers is by integrating smart closure. Didn’t get it? If you tie a ribbon around your sleeve box packaging or incorporate magnetic closure, you are pretty likely to pique the receiver’s interest. 

But make sure the closure won’t bar customers from accessing their order or purchased product. Instead, it should provide easy access. An intuitive and original sleeve box closure is sure to grab the customer’s attention.

Prolong the Experience

Most of the brands fail to comprehend that a customer anticipates the packing, like a child anticipates present on Christmas Day.

So it’s crucial to build on the moment of unwrapping the product. Don’t put your product under tons of packaging layers to protect it. Respect your consumer’s desire and let them relish an excellent first impression by showing the product without elongating or deteriorating the experience.

Add a translucent layer of packaging material to protect the product, and slide a personalized note in the packaging box. Not only the extended experience will give you more satisfied customers, but also create brand advocates.