June 10, 2021

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How To Drive Traffic & Sales With Landing Pages

Getting traffic on a website is something that every person with a website wants, and they try multiple tactics to gain it. However, if the purpose of gaining traffic, which is the maximum conversion rate, does not fulfill, you are left with frustration. At this point, the question which comes to mind is that if my website has the top organic rank or my paid ad is on the first page, why am I not getting conversions? Before leading to conclusions or entirely changing your website, try getting conversion optimization services.     

Sales With Landing Pages
Sales With Landing Pages

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a process of improving your landing pages for more traffic and conversion rate. Sometimes, you have everything on a landing page, but still, it doesn’t appeal to the visitors. Luckily you have many tools to find out where the problem lies on your landing pages. Almost every conversion rate optimisation agency use these tools to determine the visitor’s behavior on your website and then make the relevant changes as per requirement. For example, heat maps determine where the visitor clicked the most. If they clicked on the specific CTA, this means, that to gain more leads, you need to optimize that page.  Similarly, Scroll maps, confetti maps, overlay reports, etc. show the user behavior on your website. With the help of these reports, you can easily optimize your landing page for more conversion rate.

Driving Traffic From Your Landing Page

Landing pages play an important role in every digital marketing strategy. If you have gained traffic, you might not want to lose it. To retain the traffic, you need to strategize your landing pages according to the user’s intent. Here are some of the approaches that can help you increase your conversion rate through your landing page. 

1. Keep your Landing Page Tidy

One of the things that most people forget while designing their website is to keep it clean. If you fill-up the page with unnecessary pictures and information, you will not get through to the clients. Every conversion rate optimization agency follows the approach of the clean website look to rank it on Google.

Sales With Landing Pages
Sales With Landing Pages

2. Keep a Direct Approach

You cannot ask your visitor to jump on pages. For example, if the visitor landed on your directed page through SEO or PPC, and then you ask them to move to another page for more information, you may lose the lead. Try to direct your traffic to their desired page and don’t let them search through the website unless they don’t wish to. Professional conversion optimization services focus on this mainly to drive more traffic through landing pages.

3. Optimise It with Relevant Slang and Text

In recent years, websites are trying to sound more like native people. Studies have shown that you can communicate more through the native language, which is the reason why websites have uploaded their translated pages as well. If you hire a conversion rate optimization agency, they will try more to sound your target audience.

4. Contrasting Colours

If you have researched for websites before finalizing the design for your website, you might have notices the colour schemes many websites are using. Most of the websites have contrasting colors. This is another technique many websites use to engage clients. This approach, however, is not used for E-commerce stores. E-commerce stores keep the background white, so the products are shown more clearly.

Sales With Landing Pages
Sales With Landing Pages

5. Optimize the Pictures

If you gain assistance from conversion optimization services, the first thing they would do is check your picture placing and picture quality. For example, You have an E-commerce store with quality products at consumer-centric prices, and you have visitors but still, the conversion rate is comparatively low. The reason may be the quality of the picture. The users cannot see your products clearly in the zoom mode too. If that so, no one would buy your products. Your conversion optimization rate agency will first optimize your pictures and then take care of the rest.

6. Page Load Time

Website load time is important for an effective SEO strategy. Similarly, landing page loading speed also needs to be looked after. If the page takes more time to load, you may lose a potential conversion.

Sales With Landing Pages
Sales With Landing Pages

7. No CTAs or More CTAs

Many companies think that if they would add more CTAs to the website, they would gain more traffic, but that is not the case. Similarly, if you have no CTA on your landing page that would also leave a bad impact on the visitor’s mind. When visitors land on your page, they might want to explore more so giving them a relevant option to explore more is a wise choice. Placing CTAs at the required spots can surely optimize your page.

8. A/B Testing

If you have made all the required changes, it’s to check the performance of the website. conversion optimization services conduct A/B testing to check the quality of the page and the quantity of the impressions, clicks, and conversions. If they are increased, then your landing page fully optimized.