How To Improve The Security Of The Website

Security Of The Website

The security problems of many websites are mostly caused by loopholes in website programs. Therefore, if you want to improve website security, you must choose a secure back-end cms system. To choose some free and open-source source code from the Internet to build a website, you need to pay attention to the following two points as experienced by web development company Los Angeles:

Do not choose the source code of a website program that is not well-known. This type of source code is generally not developed and maintained by no one. The website is very prone to loopholes and the possibility of intrusion is greatly increased. So when choosing, try to choose a well-known open-source program.

Choose a well-known CMS system for building a website. Due to a large number of users of such open-source programs, new vulnerabilities are prone to appear on the website. We must update in time according to the background prompts. Prevent hackers from attacking the website.

If a website’s background path is /admin account is admin password is admin, this kind of website even if the background program and space is good, will be invaded sooner or later. The back-end path cannot be directly the popular back-end path, and the account and password should also use letters + numbers + symbols as much as possible, so we remind everyone to pay more attention to this in the future. Having said so much, everyone has a preliminary understanding of how to improve website security, right? Don’t panic, there are dry goods to share with you. After reading the following suggestions, your website security will be improved qualitatively.

1. Block website source code

When we browse the bank’s online banking, you often find that you cannot use the right mouse button in the bank’s online banking interface. The main purpose of this is to prevent the client from frequently viewing the source code of the website by right-clicking, which can effectively prevent the website client code from being copied.

2. Filter user input

Filter the user’s input content, which will relatively effectively prevent client injection attacks and XSS attacks, and improve website security.

3. Use parameterized queries

Sometimes matching the content entered by the client is not enough to prevent SQL injection, and the use of parameterized queries can prevent SQL injection from the root cause.

4. Use URL pseudo-static

Website URLs often contain parameters, and dynamic parameters often expose the parameter transfer relationship between web pages and increase insecurity. Assuming that the dynamic parameters are rewritten as pseudo-static, the dynamic parameters can be hidden, thereby improving the security of the website.

5. Use verification code

It is to generate a section of the text in the image generated in the session storage verification code on the server, and the image text of the verification code is often a character string such as a twisted gradient. The use of safe and complex verification codes can effectively prevent the registration machine of the forum, the posting machine and some password brute force crackers and other tools that are harmful to the website.

6. System log

Including server logs and SQL logs, website administrators can view the behavior of the client when accessing the current website through the contents recorded in the log, and find some destructive behaviors, which can be changed in time.

7. Filter the user’s IP

This method can filter out the ip addresses of some unfriendly visitors, and can effectively prevent denial of service attacks.

8. Use SSL security products

We usually enter some personal information when logging in and registering some websites. Websites can consider using SSL encryption. SSL uses public-key technology, which provides data encryption, server authentication, message integrity, and optionality for TCP/IP connections.

The importance of the security of the website cannot be ignored, and it is related to the safety of our information and funds. If you are also having an online business and having a website to promote your business, you should go with the above-mentioned tips which will help you to give perfect security to your website and that will help your website get away from the hackers.

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