October 17, 2021

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How To Keep Your Storage Units Clean?

Storage Units

Storage units are a kind of treasure trove. The only difference being that the treasure here is a pile of useful things you might need in the future. These units help make your home more spacious and livable. But if you do not keep a storage unit well-maintained and clean, it might turn into a dilapidated house—full of old air and dust.

To avoid this and ensure your belongings remain in good condition, you need to keep your storage units clean.

Use Plastic Containers

One of the most effective ways to keep your storage unit clean is to store your belongings in plastic containers. Elevate the containers to prevent them from touching the ground. A plastic container forms a sealed, secure environment for the goods while enabling an easy-clean, simple outlook for the unit.

Clean the containers with a dry microfiber and make sure that everything inside is dry. Seal the container. Try adding shelves to the storage unit to ensure that the containers are not touching the ground. That will help with increased air circulation and prevent any mold or mildew to grow underneath.

Keep Cleaning Supplies in the Unit

You might forget to take cleaning supplies with you to the storage facility every time. You would be unable to keep your unit clean, as you would be missing the routine cleaning. Hence, keep a small caddy of cleaning supplies there.

It can include a pack of wet wipes, dusters, cloths, antibacterial spray, a brush, and a dustpan. If you clean the storage unit as per some routine, there will be no need for deep cleaning any sooner.

Rotate the Contents Annually

Many self-storage units recommend annual rotation of the contents in the same unit. You can get into the middle of the storage unit and move the boxes after dusting them. You can also review the inventory list and redistribute the weight. If you are storing rugs or textiles there, it is prudent to re-fold them every once in a while to prevent permanent creases.

Another thing you can do in the rotation is to ensure that everything gets touched and ultimately exposed air. Label the unmarked boxes and move everything to keep your memory alive of what is lying there in the unit.


Now that your memory has undergone an update about the belongings you own, it is time to declutter. Get rid of the things you do not need. Sort your stuff into piles of discard, donate, and keep. For many people, it is quite difficult to part with their belongings.

If you are one of them, you can adopt this ‘wait-and-see’ strategy. Things that seem to deserve getting rid of, but you are not sure about, can go into a box that will be reviewed next time. By next time, if you still do not need any of those goods, you can donate or discard them.

Chalk Out a Plan

Formulate a written plan or make a drawing of the unit to record where your belongings are kept exactly. The items can be categorized by room or importance. Those needed frequently should be placed near the front. Larger goods like sports or any other equipment should be grouped where there is enough room.

You should organize the containers in a way that there is an aisle between the sides. The labels should be facing out so that they are visible while looking at the aisle. Some people keep a diagram of their unit near the door so that they can refer to it easily. You can also take photos of each wall.

Cover Larger Items

Covering items like furniture in the storage unit reduces the risk of getting dust on them. Cover the large storage items with cloth tarps. They will keep the dust away from your belongings and prevent scratching or damage, as they are a soft surface.

Plastic tarps are good too, but they are known to wear down over time. Sometimes, they tend to get holes because of getting old, which let the dust get into. They can also cause scratches on sensitive items. You can use old blankets as well to cover the goods in your storage area.

Storage units do not require cleaning on a very regular basis. You also do not need to visit your self-storage space every week. However, you shouldn’t just set it and forget it. Make sure you are going there every once in a while and making cleaning arrangements.