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Identify The Different Qualities, Processes, Types & Cleaning of Opal Beads

Opal Beads

Nowadays, the marketplace is flood with endless gemstone beads that you can choose according to your needs and personality. These gemstones are not just beautiful in appeal but different gemstones also serve different purposes. Among various gemstone beads, opal is the most preferred choice for jewelry making. Renowned for its endless beauty, opal beads are extremely appealing. These beautiful gemstone beads are available in a variety of colors. Opal gems are popular in jewelry making and the best part about this gemstone is that it can be used to make every type of ornament be it a ring or necklace.

When you are looking for an authentic opal bead, you must know how to understand the different qualities, know the process, and choose the type. This guide is quite useful for you and helps you understand them:

Let’s Begin with the Quality of Opal Gems

Any gemstone should be picked on the basis of its quality. When you are looking to buy beads online, you have to be sure about their quality. Generally, there are three aspects to determine the opal quality.


Consider background color and play-of-color. You will witness colorful flashes when you move the stone. You must opt for the opal with vibrant and distinct play-of-color.


Patterns should be kept in mind while choosing opal gems for jewelry making. It is the arrangement of play-of-color.


Never overlook this point. Opals can be found in a range from transparent to opaque. Transparency lets light passes through opal gemstone and has a huge impact on its appearance.

Understand the Process

Before you buy Ethiopian opal beads at wholesale prices, you must understand its process. Here we mention some points that help you understand the process of opal beads.


Natural opals are found in the earth’s crust. Not just they are highly valued but also have a unique appearance.


These types of opal gems are man-made. They have similar optical properties and are cheaper than natural opals.

Opal doublets and triplets

These types of opals make by combining the layers of natural and synthetic opals with other materials like quartz or glass.

Determine the Type of Opal

A lot of factors are there that help you determine the type of opal. Let’s have a look at some common types of opals you can easily find in the market:

White Opals

Transparent to opaque white opals and other light color backgrounds with play-of-colour that ranges from vibrant colors to pastel hues, white opals are popular for their subtle elegance.

Black Opals

Black opals are rare and have a dark body tone that enhances their appeal. People choose this highly sought-after opal gemstone for jewelry making purposes.

Fire Opals

Fire opals are available in vibrant yellow, red, and orange colours without the play-of-colour found in the stone. They are admired for their unique shades.

Crystal Opals

Sometimes called water opals, crystal opals are transparent with a clear background. They can be semitransparent and show excellent play-of-color.

Cleaning of Opal Gems

 Opal gems are highly delicate that require gentle cleaning to retain their beauty and integrity. You can clean opals with this step-by-step guide without affecting their beauty.

Gather cleaning essentials

Get mild soap or gemstone cleaner, warm water, a soft-bristled toothbrush, a bowl, and also a soft microfiber cloth.

Prepare a cleaning solution

Add warm water to the bowl and pour a small amount of gemstone cleaner or mild soap. Avoid hot water as it can damage your opal.

Soak opal

Soak the bead for a few minutes. This step will help you get rid of dirt and grimes easily.

Clean it gently

Now, take the opal out of the water and gently clean it with a brush. Do not apply too much pressure to prevent scratches.

Rinse and dry

Now, rinse the opal in clean or lukewarm water to get rid of the remaining dirt and cleaning solution. Now, clean and dry it with a soft microfiber cloth.


Make sure the opal is completely dry and gently polish the bead with a dry cloth before you wear it.

To conclude

Certainly, opal gems are easy to find especially when you reach a trusted person, who deals in natural gemstone beads at wholesale rates. However, you must have basic knowledge of gemstone quality, process, type, and cleaning of opal. Now, refer to this guide and buy the right opal for you.

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