April 13, 2021

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Influence of Covid-19 On Quality Control Services

Product quality control services are significant to any manufacturing process, and most importantly, nowadays the world faces the COVID-19 pandemic. Some companies might think that eliminating product inspections or supplier audits might be the right thing to do under the present circumstances, but this is not the right case.

Quality Control Services

Performing factory audit services is essential now more than ever, if not more important because consumers are highly converged on the quality of the products they purchase for themselves and their families. In addition, here’s why you should continue to prioritize quality assurance initiatives during the pandemic.

Internal quality control services vs. Third parties

Through a global pandemic, the importance of having a flexible and scalable team is more important than ever. In addition, this fact also highlights the need to work with third parties to manage quality control.

The benefits of working with an external quality assurance team are twofold:

  • You can allocate resources efficiently and affordably based on the volume of business.
  • You won’t have an idle team waiting during periods of low volume.

This leads companies to adapt to a new way of conducting quality control audits. As production increases and then slows down, the benefits of having a fixed cost, in-house equipment become less apparent, and more firms now rely on flexible relationships with third parties.

Why is canceling factory audits a bad idea?

Eliminating quality audits reduces a company’s perception of its manufacturing and supply chain, so inferior materials and supplies can creep into its manufacture, resulting in products, not of the quality consumers expect, potentially damaging your company’s credibility in your industry, which may reduce your sales and revenue.

Quality Control Services

This is especially true when reopening factories after the COVID-19 shutdown and rapidly increasing production in order to make up for lost production time. In addition, if you are creating more products than usual, having regular audits is more critical than other times. Eliminating audits also reduces your ability to track your suppliers and ensure they comply with contracts you entered into with them, as well as meet the expectations of your code of conduct.

New challenges for e-commerce in the present situation

The e-commerce space, with its stringent quality control needs, has faced its unique challenges.

With a brick and mortar retail business, customers can select the specific product they wish to purchase, so if an item is defective, they can choose another product from the same shelf.

Quality Control Services

However, e-commerce does not offer that luxury, and the hassles of achieving returns and waiting for a refund are annoying enough. Therefore, e-commerce brands must have exceptional quality control to maintain their reputation. In addition, customers receiving defective products are more likely to choose a different brand next time, leave negative feedback, or both.

With retail companies increasingly relying on e-commerce channels to drive sales, the need for increased product inspection service provider has reached its zenith. Therefore, you should choose quality inspection services from reputed service providers to ensure the quality of your product in all manner.