May 19, 2022

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Influencer Marketing Connects With Food Brands – Inspiration Drives The Influence

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The marketing term is itself a voice of the brands across various industry verticals. How a brand ideate, implements, reacts, adopts, and executes a marketing plan is all that defines its worth amongst the target audience. The same holds true when it comes to the food industry. 

Since the existence of life, food has played an integral role in peoples’ life and today the concept has grown deeper with people becoming conscious about nourishing their body with their soul. Hence, the modern-day social life has become a cozy ambiance for the food brands, all competing with each other to occupy maximum space in the modern world. 

Whether you talk about restaurants, cooks, street vendors, supermarkets, or five-star hotels, all are evolving at their own pace and are striving to keep themselves stable at the edge of the industry. So, here what comes into the picture is of utmost importance. How are different brands able to compete? How are brands connecting with food-savvy people to promote their brands? And how are the food brands traveling hand-in-hand with the digital world? 

Hunting for answers to all these queries brings to picture that social media marketing, especially influencer marketing, has traveled a long way to redefine the reshape the industry, bringing a mesmerizing transformation. So, now what you see as a person being influenced by food marketing is only driven by two forces. One is different food ingredients sizzling together to deliver a pure harmonization of flavor and the other pillar is inviting food photography often showcased on social media channels by food influencers.  So that’s the gift of digital marketing to the food industry: influencer marketing. 

The Connect Between Food Influencers & Food Brands

Food influencers with mouth-watering visuals, the appetite for interesting stories, flavors of consumer opinions, and a taste of authenticity have worked hard to build their recognition in the close-knit food community. The only idea of partnering with influencers has given the food brands a new way of winning the cut-throat competition in the market. The significant reasons why food brands are experiencing great success with digital influencers are:

  • Food has always been on the top across all social media channels
  • Every single person eats, needs, and likes food. There is no one who can survive without food.
  • The act of eating is more of a social and cultural activity that adds memories to many celebrations.
  • Food and recipe content are on a constant rise on social media with an average engagement rate of 118%.

Influencer Marketing Strategies Defined by Food Brands

Each food brand needs the best social media partner to maximize the ROI of their online marketing initiatives. However, this brings along many defined influencer marketing strategies to ensure brand awareness, recognition, credibility, and success. The strategies include: 

  • Finding the most appropriate influencer based on the demographics of your audience and on the level of social engagement. Also, keep into consideration the type of quality of content produced by a food influencer before venturing into a collaboration. 
  • Create content that inspires and invites. It is important to search for influencers who master the art of presenting your brand story with an inspirational piece of content. Discuss with your influencer and make sure to have more visual content because the visuals travel faster to the brain.   
  • Know your target audience well. It is very much important to know and understand the needs, desires, and aspirations of your target audience to ensure reaching the right space. Share the same knowledge and understanding with your influencer to ensure positive outcomes. 
  • Try and connect as a strong partnership with your influencer and let the same reflect in the connection between your target audience and your food. Let the content be more about customer choices and experiences rather than the ins and outs of your brand. Your audiences are more interested in authentic and stimulating discussions and references.
  • On and often track and measure the performance of your influencer marketing campaign. The real metrics comes into existence when your campaign gives more attention to customer behavior in a way to influence customers’ decision. 

Top Food Brands with Winning Influencer Marketing Results

If undergo online research on top food brands who have gained exponentially in terms of growth, engagement, revenue, and customer satisfaction, there are ample food brands to name. Because of their choice of influencers along with the experience of the influencers, these brands have been able to create the most winning influencer marketing campaigns. To jot down a few names shining brighter in the industry are:

  • Whole Foods
  • Kraft
  • Coca Cola
  • Horizon Organics
  • Black Box
  • Oreo
  • McDonald’s
  • Rosarito Fish Shack

Top Food Influencers Known for Generating Hot ROI

If you consider to find the top food influencers, there are some highly reputed names in the industry that are known for an appetizing presence on the social media channels. These are known to be the most socially-driven people who have imbibed all the elements of the food industry including, nutrition, health, restaurant, spirits, cooking ingredients, cooking equipment, and so on. They are known to be most creative, passionate, and intuitive about their existence in the world of influencer marketing across various channels including YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. However, Instagram stays on a high when it comes to influencer marketing of food brands. Some of the best food influencers of the industry include:

  • Ashley Alexander – 317K Instagram Followers
  • Ashley – 234K Instagram Followers
  • Caitlin Greene – 123K Instagram Followers
  • Francesca – 123K Instagram Followers
  • Sarah Brunella – 94.4K Instagram Followers
  • Pauline – 41.8K Instagram Followers
  • Emma Hyslop – 38.5K Instagram Followers

The Bottom Line

A well-thought, designed, ad executed campaign with an inviting visual promotion beholds an incredible capacity to attract people compassionately. With inspiration driven from food influencers, food brands are likely to experience a tremendous increase in ROI.