May 17, 2021

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Is Digital Marketing A Good Career In 2021?

Digital Marketing

The world has undergone a dramatic transformation because of technology. Technology has revolutionized every sector and every industry in the world due to its radical effect. This is true in the field of advertising and marketing more than anywhere else. Before the advent of technology, the relationship between customers and companies was very unidirectional or one-way. The customers used to visit brick and mortar stores set up by the companies. Companies used to offer their products and services in those brick and mortar stores. The customers would visit these, and browse around the store looking for products and services which they intended to buy.

In those times, the customers already had a good idea of what kind of products and services they wanted to buy, and would visit the stores looking specifically for those products and services. There they would contact company representatives who would provide more information about the desired products and services.

But with the advent of digital marketing this customer and company relationship has changed completely. Now customers prefer to conduct research about their desired products and services themselves on the internet. They rarely contact company representatives and then only when they have finalized the product or service they want to purchase. With the dawn of the information age, much more information is available on the internet beforehand than even the company representative can provide at once. Also, with the increasing popularity of massive digital platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Whatsapp, companies have channels through which they can approach the customers about products and services which the customer did not know about previously. So digital marketing has become extremely important and will only grow more important with time. Now companies are activel seeking out skilled and competent digital marketers who can manage their digital marketing budgets efficiently. This is the reason why so many professionals are seeking Digital marketing certification sin 2021.

Let us examine why a career in digital marketing is extremely good in 2021.

Why go for a career in Digital Marketing?

1. One will be able to choose from many different career options –

The following are some career options that are available in the field of digital marketing in 2021 –

  • Analytics Manager
  • Content Manager/Content Marketing Manager
  • CRM Manager (incorporating Email marketing)
  • Digital Account Manager / Sales Director (Agency role)
  • Digital Director / Head of Digital
  • Digital Integrated Copywriter
  • Digital Marketing Manager or Web Manager
  • Ecommerce Manager
  • Marketing Director
  • Marketing Executive
  • Marketing Manager
  • PPC Search Manager
  • Search Manager
  • Social Media Manager including Community Manager
  • Web Developer / Designer

One can see from the above list that there are many opportunities in the field of digital marketing. Therefore one should enroll in a PGP in digital marketing course and take advantage of these opportunities after course completion.

2. Your value in the job market will rise tremendously –

Nowadays a company’s success or failure depends in a large part on how well they organize their digital marketing efforts. So companies usually allocate a very large part of their resources to digital marketing. With such large budgets for digital marketing companies are rightfully concerned about hiring only the most skilled and competent digital marketers to manage them. Otherwise unskilled and incompetent digital marketers may squander the company resources. Hence, if a company sees digital marketing online training listed on any potential candidate’s resume, they immediately give him preference over other candidates in the hiring pool. This is especially true in 2021. This is because they feel a lot of relief at seeing a certified digital marketer and want to entrust him with their digital marketing budget.

3. The demand for digital marketers far outstrips their supply –

The revolution that technology has created will continue to grow. Digital platforms that exist in abundance now will only grow with time and keep gaining users. More and more of the world will keep gaining access to the internet. So more and more of the world’s population will discover the wonders of the internet and come to inhabit digital platforms. This means that the importance of digital marketing will keep increasing with time. Companies have realized this and this is why in 2021 especially, in almost every company there are many job vacancies for digital marketers. However, the professional world at large has not realized this as is evinced by the shortage of skilled and competent digital marketers in the world. The reason is that the professional world is slow to change and is averse to risks. So one who completes the PGP in Digital Marketing course will be able to find employment immediately.

4. One will be able to reap the benefits of flexibility at their job –

The job of a digital marketer is very dynamic and is not fixed like traditional jobs at all. There are no series of or sequences of action which have to be performed in order to obtain some predetermined results. A digital marketer has to work on many different fronts simultaneously and the results of their actions can vary dramatically. So they can work very flexibly and with flexible work hours too since their responsibilities can press upon them at any time of the day. So they don’t have to necessarily work in the typical office hours of a day.

Also their job requirements do not include working from the office as they can complete their work (such as managing Google ad campaigns) from any location provided it has a strong and stable internet connection. So the work style and work hours of a digital marketer are very flexible. One can enter into such a job role if one undergoes digital marketing online training.