Mistakes That You Should Avoid With Fresh Flowers

Fresh Flowers

Flowers are just nature’s most beautiful creation, the flowers are just experts at expressing the emotions, they will just be there expressing those emotions for you through the colors and the talk their petals do. If you have someone who is far from you and you just want to express those emotions then you can always send flowers to Ahmedabad, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, and in other cities where your loved one lives.

Receiving flowers sounds good and when you receive them it is just beautiful and we all just think of how we can take care of them but then we are just confused and being the flower parent is a little baffling. The fresh flowers that we have received we just want them to last longer but we must realize that the moment these flowers are cut they are already dying. You cannot have these flowers for your eternity but you can surely prolong their life and for that, you need to treat them with the utmost care avoid the mistakes that you are making with them in the first place. We have prepared a list for you so that you don’t repeat these mistakes:


Flowers grow in the ground while requiring solid and dust as one can say that but you need to remember that this is not the case with the cut flowers. If you had flowers and you didn’t wash the vase before putting the new ones in them you can always encounter molds and other bacteria which is not good for the flowers in any way, in this what you can do is that you can always wash the flower thoroughly so that you are not putting the flowers in the soapy water and let the vase dry for some time and then put the flowers in it. 


The carelessly arranges flowers in a vase might prove not good as they will shorten their life span, and at times their tissues won’t be able to suck up the water as well, for that what you need to do is that you can always use the meh bag trick to keep those flowers safe in the vase or you can also go for the arrangement of flowers and can arrange them in beautiful ways.


This is necessary for the flowers to sustain for longer, whenever you buy flowers you always get a small packet of flower food which is to be used by you to make the flowers last longer. You need to use the flower food and let it all last longer just the same way you have done with the flowers. the flower food has citric acid as well which will aid in the reduction of the water’s ph levels so that the flowers live longer. You can always approach the best florists in Delhi and buy a beautiful bouquet for yourself as well. 


This is one key point that you should always remember that you should never keep the flowers near the fruits as they are known to release the ethylene gas, this gas just initiates the natural process of life in one’s life and just makes the flowers turn into a fruit although this is not possible with the cut flowers so they just start wilt and die.


Remove the fallen and dried leaves from the vase as it will also stop the bacteria from growing and let us not remind the flowers about the death that is approaching, you can always remove those dried leaves and just keep the vase clean. 


Always remember to cut half an inch of the stem before placing the flowers inside the vase, the stem should be cut diagonally so that the tissues of the flowers get to soak up the water in a better way. 


the temperature plays a vital role as for the buds like tulips the water is preferred cold and for the flowers like tulips the water should be cold for them to sustain but for the tropical flowers the water is preferred warm or at the room temperature, you need to ask your florists before buying a flower about its keeping. Remember that flowers also require different care.  

There are various other ways for you to take care of the flowers and you can always do that by ordering yourself some today, be a flower parent for a while, and experience the joy of having the flowers to yourself. You can always order flowers online on bloomsvilla.com and if you are running late or are just excited to receive them today then you can always opt for same-day delivery.

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