April 13, 2021

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Mixer Grinders: The Care And Proper Instructions!

Mixer grinders play a pivotal role in every kitchen. From grinding spices for our curries to making chutneys for our dosas, mixer grinders have slowly become an integral part of our everyday chores. Over the years, mixer grinders have undergone several modifications. 

Manufacturers in the Indian market informally compete with each other to gain the title of being the best mixer grinder in India. Though a mixer grinder is the toughest of all your kitchen appliances, one should take care of it like a delicate object to ensure its performance and durability. Here are a few guidelines to be followed to ensure that.

Mixer Grinders

Choosing that perfect Mixer Grinder 

Make sure you buy a mixer grinder of good quality and not a cheap one. Though the ultimate use of mixers is to grind things, purchasing a good quality one is advisable in terms of its safety, durability, and performance. People make sure that they buy the best water purifiers for home as clean water is a necessity, and there is no compromise for it. This step must be followed even when you choose a mixer grinder, too, as it’s an unavoidable part of our kitchen.  

Cleaning your mixer grinder 

  • Do clean your mixer grinder after every use. Gently rub the grinder using a wet wipe and a mild dishwasher first. Once it’s done, use a dry wipe to remove that excess dishwasher. 
  • Ensure that you follow the weekly routine of cleaning your mixer apart from cleaning them every day. This way, you could find that hidden debris and remove them. Cleaning your mixer ensures its performance and durability.

When you grind…

  • Ensure that ingredients used are at room temperature as hot ingredients can damage your mixer’s blade due to excessive load. 
  • Ensure that your jar perfectly fits the blade before turning them, or else the blades would be severely damaged.
  • Do not run your mixer for more than 1-2 minutes in a go and also make sure that you don’t start your mixer at high speed. Make sure you start with low speed, then to medium speed, and then finally to high speed. This reduces the pressure of the blades, thus ensuring its durability.
  • Do keep the plug point and the mixer away from the moisture or any sort of leakage. Make sure you don’t keep your mixer near your water purifier. You might have bought one of the best water purifiers for home in order to have clean water and eventually have a healthy lifestyle. Clean water is necessary for our body, but this clean water can also be your enemy when it comes in contact with electricity. So why take a risk? Hence make sure your mixer is away from all sorts of leakage to ensure the user’s safety.
  • Assign a proper place for your mixer grinder to avoid any mismanagement and mishandling. Well, there is no guarantee about the performance and durability of the mixer grinder just because you have the best mixer grinder in India. Because “With great power comes great responsibility.” Good maintenance can ensure better performance and durability of your mixer grinder. Thus, by following the above steps, you could use your mixer grinder for a long time.


So, if you own a notable mixer grinder at your home and you are indulged in its regular usage, ensure that you maintain the same. You should keep the above-mentioned pointers in time, and that is surely going to increase the longevity of this appliance. Let your mixer grinder serve you for a good number of years with these maintenance tips.