Most Famous Indian Handicrafts That You Must Buy

Indian Handicrafts

India is known for handicrafts and each state is known for different craft cultures and traditions. Handicrafts of India are more than popular worldwide plus demand for them grows day by day. Since old times, when we hear handicrafts, by this name we remember India as it is famous for handicrafts. The handicrafts of India have been respected and loved worldwide and have been sold in every corner of the world. India has still managed to preserve its handicrafts, its art, and its artisans, and even still many rural people earn their livelihood from their creative pieces of art. Buy Indian handicrafts to encourage the creativity and art of Indian artisans. In this article, we’ll read about some famous Indian handicrafts that you should buy:


Wooden Handicrafts is a traditional art of creating adorable items by hand with the use of minimal tools. Across the whole world, India is popular for having creative craftsmen that carve such adorable designs on wooden blocks which itself reflects the shades of traditional art and style. Among various handmade wooden items, some largely known famous wooden craft are furniture, Boxes, Toys, Screens, Gift Items,  Statues, Wooden Kitchen Accessories, etc. 


Like all other Indian crafts and handicrafts, the tradition of pottery making is very old in India. This art is considered one of the most iconic elements of Indian regional art. Not only its history but also its existing features and charm have made pottery, a modern form of Indian decor. Pottery is quite popular in most Asian countries and gradually is spreading all around the world. It is considered the most sensual of all arts. Pottery crafts like vessels, utensils, bowls, are abundantly available in India, in different colors like brown, red, orange, and black.

Jute crafts

The states of India have taken the initiative to promote the jute craft’s creativity and sales. The old-age convention of jute craft skill in India is proved by ancient ascetics and sages. Various jute crafts are produced like carrying bags, rugs, carpets, footwear, wine bottle bags, handbags, wall hangings, jewelry, baskets, coasters, lampshades, decorative articles, and showpieces. 

Brass handicrafts

Brass is popular for its durability, and this feature adds to its benefits when used as handicrafts. Some adorable brass crafts that are made by Indian artisans are God’s figures in different postures, wine glasses, showpieces, tabletops, vases, perforated lamps, jewelry boxes, and many more which are widely used in many Indian houses and even in other countries. 

Bamboo handicrafts

Bamboo handicrafts are one of the oldest crafts, India has a rich source of bamboo materials. Rural shades artisans have the practice to produce adorable decorative and utility bamboo articles. The various adorable crafts made from bamboo are furniture, dolls, baskets, crossbows, mats, toys, chaplain, kula,  wall-hangings, umbrella handles, khorahi, Kathi, dukula, jewelry boxes, and many more. 


It is an embroidered shawl but very vibrant and attractive. Mostly, women in villages and small towns are busy creating beautiful Phulkari dupattas, shawls, and other garments. The embroidery is very simple but the stitches, color combination, and pattern makes it look adorable and spectacular. Now, this beautiful phulkari work is not only seen on the garments but even also seen on curtains, bed sheets, pillow covers, wall hangings, etc.

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