Rank High On Google Even If You’re A SEO Beginner!

Rank High On Google

Learning SEO tricks can be a little tricky especially when you’re a beginner as these digital platforms keep on updating their algorithms and it gets difficult for the users to extend the parameters of their audience in SEO Service. The tricks explained in this article below will help you to rank your content higher on google and hence making your audience reach wider.

1. Simplify your keywords

By simplifying your keywords it means to –

  • Target the right keywords- Do a little research on what kind of keywords are preferred. See according to your article or blog or whatever you are writing the kinds of keywords that your competitors are using and the kinds of keywords that the audience demands.
  • Fewer Difficulty words- While writing your piece keep in mind that it should be understandable even to people with minimum knowledge so use such words that are easily understood by the layman.
  • Focus on title and subheading- The 15 seconds taken to read the title decide whether the user will engage further with the post or not. So basically work on the title to make your article look appealing and desirable to read.

2. Write-up should be responsive

Google uses an algorithm that measures the time taken on mobile for your site to rank it which means even if most of your audience is desktop users, your site should be a rapid responder to mobile.

3. Add images

Images make the write-ups look less boring and tedious and more desirable to read. Add relevant pictures to your content to make the audience hooked and eager to read. You can also use the method of alternative text image that is very helpful in sending traffic from Google to your blog. Google uses an algorithm of the image to the text description. All you have to do is type out the alternative description of the image you are using. So that Google can send your target audience through image search to the blog you want to get high rankings on. While adding the image you also have to make sure that your image loads fast, that it has shorter pixels. You can use An application short pixel for this.

4. Work on your site’s load speed

Load speed refers to the speed that your website takes to open several pages. If the load speed of your website is very slow, the user might get a little irritated and the audience reach of your website might get slowed down, which will hence result in lower rankings of your blog on Google. Google itself gives suggestions to users on how to make their load speed better so that they have higher user interaction. Do your research on Google’s suggestion and follow those suggestions so that your load speed becomes faster and your audience reach is wider.

5. Get good quality backlinks.

Backlinks are very, very important for the quality of the audience that your site will attract. Backlinks are basically links on other websites that give a direct route to the audience to your website. If good websites with high audience reach have your backlinks, it can count as a vote of authority for your blog. Backlinks are the most important ladder step to be climbed on for good Google ranking.


Google has apparently 130 trillion web pages to be looked after, so Google’s algorithm can therefore get tough and complex to be understood. But if you want to get your Google rankings higher, you need to understand slowly and gradually the strategies followed by content writers and bloggers which result in wider audience reach as well as higher Google rankings.. These are the basic five steps that you need to keep in mind while writing your blogs, articles, contents etc. to get your target audience reach and high ranking. There are also other written articles that will tell you the tools that you need to use for your desired audience and Google rank. You can refer to those articles as well for better research.

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