June 11, 2021

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Reducing The Stress of Moving

Stress of Moving

The stress of Moving – Moving into a new house is very stressful, often even leaving a person traumatized. We’re talking about months of tedious planning, for just a day of actual moving. Not to mention the longer angsty and dreadful settling-in phase. This process undoubtedly unsettles two or three months of your life, might even take longer if you’re buying a house altogether. Hiring the right man and van services in London can save you some time too.

A survey was conducted by E.ON, showing that 6 out of 10 people consider a move to be the third most stressful life event, after Divorce and a breakup. But before we go into the steps to take for a less stressful home move, we have listed out the factors that cause these stresses.

  • Routine alterations

    Arguably, the most common cause of stress from moving to a new house is that it messes with our routines. Even for a spontaneous person, living your life one minute at a time, the fact is, you are still guided by routines and schedules.

    But when the preparation to move commences, it completely alters your routine. So yes, the increase in anxiety doesn’t just come after you’ve moved; it starts the moment you decide to move. You find yourself doing a lot more work than you normally wouldn’t. This could affect your productivity in other areas of life.
  • Financial Issues

    Another major issue for some is in the area of finances. Moving to a new house can be very expensive, making some very concerned about money. If it’s a rental, you’ve probably already deposited a fat sum before you’ve got it back from your current home. If you are buying a home, however, there is a lot to pay for that could probably suck up most of your resources.

    There are instances where a person moves because of money issues. Perhaps you’ve lost your high-paying job, or separated from your partner, you might consider downsizing to reduce your cost of living. This particular situation could leave you feeling helpless like you’ve lost control of things.
  • Sentimental Value of Old House

    It is always such a chore, leaving the home you love and have grown so attached to. Whether you’re moving to a mansion from a hole in the ground, you’ll still be leaving behind a home filled with memories. Some people place so much attachment to their place of residence that it becomes so hard to leave. So, when the moving day finally comes for you to give up the keys, it’s normal for you to get emotional.
  • Buyer’s Grief

    The higher the purchase, the higher the emotional reaction. Purchasing a new house involves handing over huge amounts of money, which often brings a little grief and remorse. It usually piles up and manifests on a moving day, when your long-term decision sets sail. You might wonder why you put yourself through all the stress, or whether the new house is even worth it. But this is normal.
  • The moving blues

    Many don’t fully realize the anxiety until they are in the new house. This could bring about the blues, causing you to feel depressed. Some of these symptoms are:
  • Unusual sleeping patterns (sleeping too much or not enough)
  • Lack of interest in your usual activities
  • Difficulty in keeping a focus
  • Reluctance to step out and associate
  • Low on energy and mood

So, whether you’ve moved to another part of town or another country, the moving blues can get you the same.

  • Bidding Farewell

    Some people move houses as a way of saying goodbye. Like selling your family house after your parents’ passing, or selling the home you and your partner built together after you’ve separated. These can prove to be emotionally distressing. The whole move can be a lot more stressful if you’re also dealing with grief and heartbreak.
  • The stress of moving children

    With all the tress from preparations, the last thing you need is another person projecting their stress and frustration on you. But if you’re moving with kids, that’s exactly what you’ll get. Apart from all the headaches from their tantrums, you also have to suffer the guilt of putting them under the social stress of settling in a different school and making new friends. So whether or not the move is a good thing, it’s still difficult to put a positive spin on being the new kid at school to your children.

Looking at the causes of moving home anxiety, we can say that it is very normal to feel these things. The stress will be much, and the anxiety will come.

Now let’s look at ways to minimise that stress.

  1. List them out.

    List out every single thing in your house. At your convince, look around your house, assess all the bits and details, then write them down. This will make sure you don’t leave anything behind. This process can ease your mind, as well. Keep the list close to you, so you don’t lose it.
  2. Organise

    Moving to a new house takes another level of planning. Make plans and preparations even months before the moving day. List out the things needed to be done in your new home. We provide tips to help you plan a stress-free move.
  3. Stay positive

    With the amount of stress, you will face when moving to a new house, it is important you learn to stay positive.  If the bad events are piling up, getting a little overwhelming, take a step back and breathe. Get off that mood.
  4. Employ quality help

    The right help will effectively ease up a ton of stress.  When employing a man and a van, think about how much heavy lifting you want to do. With a two-man team, all you’ll ever need to do is think about the setup at the new house. They’ll handle the packing while you can relax.
  5. Go out and look around

    To avoid anxiety from isolation, you should consider going out and socialising. Visit a local store or shop and treat yourself. You deserve a spoil.