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Reputation Management Services

Expert Reputation Management Services for Doctors – Transforming Businesses into Brands!

Online reviews play the most crucial role in determining the success or failure of physicians’ ratings. According to statistics, over 80% of Americans tend to rely on online reviews and physicians’ ratings to evaluate and choose doctors. 

Online reputation management for doctors effectively helps healthcare professionals to keep up with their patients’ base and effectively grow it by boosting their online presence. How? That’s because search engine reputation management for doctors doesn’t just help physicians and hospitals to attract greater target to their websites, rather they also help in building patients’ trust and keeping up the supply of new patients.

Our healthcare online reputation management services for physicians ensure that you gain positive ratings and reviews from patients consistently. We will make sure that you are able to adequately market your expertise and avoid any negative reviews due to a misunderstanding of the service procedures, essentially helping healthcare professionals achieve real patients’ satisfaction levels…

Why Doctors Presence?

Simply put – we know how to do reputation management for doctors, the right way. We are a healthcare reputation management company with years of industry experience. Our refined strategies and experienced professionals understand the intricacies involved in effectively managing the online reputation of healthcare professionals as well as fixing the search engine results to minimize the loss of opportunities. Year after year, we have helped hundreds of doctors, physicians, and all other healthcare professionals in Illinois, Philadelphia, and across the USA to maintain and grow their patients’ list with the best competent, consistent, and affordable healthcare online reputation management.

Build your online credibility with positive reviews!

In today’s digital world, online reviews play a vital role in determining the authenticity and credibility of any service. This is even more important for healthcare professionals where over 80% of patients would go through the online reviews for doctors and physicians before committing to them. At Doctors Presence, we make sure that you are able to constantly generate positive reviews from your existing patients as a meant to build trust and credibility as well as to enrich your patients’ base.

Negative Reviews can kill your career as a medical practitioner

Most of the time medical practitioners don’t give due importance to negative reviews left online by unsatisfied patients. While most of the time it’s the billing and other complementary procedures that leave customers unsatisfied, doctors have to face the brunt of patients’ dissatisfaction in the form of negative online reviews. Leaving negative reviews unanswered can be a grave mistake on your part and can seriously hurt your profession as a medical practitioner.

At Doctors Presence, our strategists and online reputation managers for doctors know how to deal with unsatisfied patients and convert their opinion in your favor by answering them in kind. Thus giving you an opportunity to retain and enhance your patients’ base with effective reputation management.

Additional healthcare reputation management inputs for increased patients’ satisfaction

At Doctors Presence, we are committed to healthcare professionals the best, most trusted, and reliable medical reputation management services. We truly believe that healthcare professionals are often treated unfairly by patients’ negative reviews, which seriously damage their credibility and overall career.

We bring in years of experience along with the latest tools to help doctors, physicians, hospitals, clinics, and other medical practitioners with robust and refined online reputation management services. Our services offer you a real chance to maintain and increase your credibility and keep up with their professional services.  

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Q1. How long will it take to repair my online reputation?

Ans. Well, the estimated time differs depending on the content type and frequency. Below we have listed estimated time required to repair individual reputation campaign: 

Removal of negative content in forms of blogs or articles

The time required: 1 – 6 weeks

If you have negative blog posts or articles published online, we can remove that content from the source. The estimated time required for the effort may vary from one week to two or more months. The time required to remove the negative content will ultimately depend on the publishing site; whether the publisher agrees or not to remove the content.

Removal of negative reviews

Time Required: 1 – 2 weeks

Most of the time negative reviews can be removed from review sites in a day or two if they violate the terms of Service (TOS) of the platform. However, for reviews that do not violate TOS of the publishing site, only the individual who posted the review holds the right to remove. For such reviews, we will often contact the individual and convince them with effective skills to remove or modify their negative review. 

Removal of Videos

Time Required: 2 – 4 weeks

Just like negative reviews, there are multiple methods to remove negative videos from YouTube or Google (Google owns YouTube). Again, if a negative review video violates the term of service of the publishing platform it can be removed within a day or two, while videos that do not violate any copyright laws or terms of service of the platform; only the individual holds the right to take down the video.

Q2. Does the content (reviews, blogs, articles) need approval?

Ans. This depends on the type of content:

1. Branded Content

Content that comes from the client (we will create it for you) is known as branded content. This may include content like interviews of your staff or articles defining your company or blogs about your service posted on third-party platforms. For such content, we will need your final approval before posting.

2. Non-Branded Content

Any content that’s not specifically about your brand and is created by third-party writers (bloggers, journalists) is known as non-branded content and for such content, we will not require your approval.

Q3. Why does reputation management cost high and what human resource it needs?

Ans. The reason reputation management cost high is because it’s an integrated service that requires input from the following minimum resources:

  • Lead strategist
  • Project Manager
  • SEO expert
  • Web developer
  • Researcher
  • Outreach person
  • Content writer
  • Different software

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