June 9, 2021

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Resistance And Durability of Quartz Worktops Welwyn Garden City

Quartz Worktops Welwyn Garden City

When building a house or renovating an existing one, people seek guidance from either internet or friends and family to get new and better ideas to design houses. When renovating, it is generally a good idea to keep up with the latest trends and invest in things that are durable. Worktops are one of those things that require detailing and durability. Worktops can be of different materials like marble, concrete, quartz, or granite. These are the most commonly used worktops. However, out of all, quartz worktops welwyn garden city is the best choice.

Whether worktops are to be used in the kitchen or bathroom, both need to be water and stain-resistant. And quartz possesses these qualities. Quartz is a naturally occurring stone that has been around for quite a time and made its place in the list of the most preferred material for worktops.

Quartz in Kitchen:

The kitchen is an important area in a house. All kinds of eatables are stored there. Kitchen worktops are used to prepare food. Not only that, their functionality makes it easy to work around in the kitchen without making any mess. It helps in hassle-free working in the kitchen. Hygiene is highly related to kitchens. Therefore, kitchen worktops, where all the food has to be prepared, should be hygienic. Well, thanks to quartz worktops Welwyn garden city for its property of being resistant against bacteria and viruses. That is right! Quartz is naturally resistant to bacteria and viruses that is why it is considered the topmost choice to be used in the kitchens.

Quartz in Bathroom:

The bathroom is the only area in a house where humidity and moisture are common. Therefore, people always look out for worktops that can withstand moisture and does not get damaged. Thus, quartz worktops Welwyn garden city again wins here. Quartz is water-resistant as well as stain resistant. This means, even if worktops have to face water spills for a prolonged period, it will not damage the worktop. It is easy to clean and wipe off spills. The quality of being stain-resistant helps to maintain its color. When used in kitchens, it can withstand hard stains like stains of coffee, oil, ketchup, etc.

It is time to talk about weakness!

Although quartz worktops Welwyn garden city is tougher than granite and marble and is more durable than these are, it shows better qualities than granite and marble. However, everything has strengths and weaknesses, and so does quartz. Unfortunately, quartz is not resistant to heat, which means hot pans and pots cannot be put on quartz worktops for long. Otherwise, it will fade away the color. But that does not make it any lesser option to use in the kitchens. The only thing to be careful about is to keep hot pans and pots away. Similarly, quartz is not a good choice to be used in outdoor settings as sunlight exposure will damage quartz badly.