May 7, 2021

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Running Remote Working? How To Monitor Employees?

How To Monitor Employees

Mostly employee monitoring trends have portrayed some negative images of the employers keeping their eyes on their employees. Most of them are working in-office or online activities. It has even become the most significant concern during the latest pandemic and the rise of remote working and social distancing.

Where millions of offices have opened again for working other than that, other employees are still working for the foreseeable future. Employees are still expected to work; however, someday to day tasks make it even challenging to get things back on track. Therefore, to keep things on track, employee monitoring has its significance. 

Even in this trend, most of the employees are not the company’s property; however, when they are working on the company’s time, still there is some line that continues to blur. It is that outstanding reality that keeps the value of your employee’s effort, time, and this work from home reality has made this reality even more evident. 

Employee monitoring software 

Employees monitoring software work beyond the core time tracking when the employees need to work clock in and clock out to manage workloads and schedules. Also, for the services, employees need to keep things on their tracks. 

These features include location tracking, keystroke logging, and screenshots for monitoring services. Moreover, it is to manage a large scale workforce; it keeps things more on track for all the employees without leaving their chairs. 

  • Manage all productive and unproductive apps 

There are several administrator sorts of applications that can be unproductive and productive apps. Moreover, some applications can hurt the productivity of departments, teams, and every individual employee. Moreover, applications like Facebook, Snapchat, and others can put your projects behind the deadlines. 

  • Tracking employees’ performances

You can also monitor your employee real-time manager dashboards and admin. Moreover, you can also control everything aggregated on the macro level in real-time manager and the real-time admin control measures. 

Furthermore, you can also collect all the detailed slicing, dicing, and report of productivity metrics, and this drill down into data after using various factors like unproductive or productive employees. 

In addition to this, you even compare department efficiency and productivity on specific projects. Furthermore, all the employee monitoring tools will grant you at glance visualization of productivity bars that can even break unproductive percentages, leader boards, and lists that can show inactive or active users most apps usage. 

  • Monitoring employees with the help of keystrokes

Other sides of employee monitoring are with the help of monitoring keystrokes. In addition to this, mostly logging keystrokes can be a baseline for employees’ activity. You must know how fast employees are interacting with their machines and typing. 

In this way, you can map against the corresponding activity logs, screenshots, all the more in-depth vectors for monitoring, and the audit trails. 

  • Employees online activities 

It is the other benefit of the employee’s online activities. In this way, employers can track their employee’s online activities. Moreover, they will know if they are surfing aimlessly or working even to track their performance. You can at least have the absurdity of your office working hours. 


It is the ideal spy app. Some features are essential for employee monitoring. MocoSpy has outstanding features that are specially designed for the sole purpose of employee monitoring. With this employee tracking software’s help, you can get features like keystrokes, hidden screen recordings, and others. 


The remote working trend has its pros and cons. Being the owner of a big company, it is your responsibility to monitor every single activity of the person you are tracking.  MocoSpy has all the features that are specially for tracking purposes. Even it is the only spy app that can assure you tracking in an ideal way.