April 16, 2021

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Shopify Extensions On The Shopify App Store

Shopify Extensions
Shopify Extensions

Shopify extension For Your Online Store. These Shopify extensions allow you to expand with new features on your web. They can improve the conversion rate, minimize abandoned baskets, or simply provide a better customer experience.

SEO Plugin:

You need to make sure that when you have a website, it shows in the search results so that people can find your products. That’s why, like Plugin SEO, you need Shopify extensions that help your products appear in relevant search results.

Plug-in SEO helps you to raise your SEO rankings. You can verify the current SEO performance of your site, as well as repair and optimize your SEO performance.

You are supported by this SEO app:

  • Build titles and meta descriptions optimized for SEO
  • Optimize headers, alt tags for images, and filenames
  • Fix Broken 404 Ties
  • Optimize content on blogs

Image Optimizer For SEO:

 If you want your e-commerce site to appear in search results, to help it rank, you need to ensure that you follow SEO best practices. Ensuring your photos are optimized for search engines is a critical component of effective SEO. You can properly optimize images with the Avada SEO Image optimizer.

This app is terrific because it helps you to:

  • Optimize the ALT tags of your image to rank in search results
  • Optimize the size of image files to prevent the site from slowing down.
  • Structured data import page
  • Optimize tags for Meta

Booster of SEO:

SEO isn’t a process of once and gone. To ensure that you drive outcomes, you need to track your progress constantly. SEO Booster is the plugin for you if you’re looking to track your SEO traffic and results to make improvements.

This plugin lets you track the performance of your SEO campaign and identify errors so that search results will boost your ranking.

  • Such nice characteristics include:
  • No encoding
  • Insights on the ranking of your SEO
  • Your SEO Auto-Management
  • Integration of keywords and updating

Voyager Upsell :

Voyager Upsell is one of the best Shopify e-commerce plugins for your company if you want your audience to purchase more items. This plugin keeps track of what people put in their carts so you can show them specific items at checkout and on your homepage.

For particular items, you may even sell packages. It helps you to select where you want to make promotional deals in order to help your company raise revenue in the most efficient way possible.

This intelligent shopping helps you to sell more items to your audience and raise your average order value. The finest part? In 30 seconds, you can get started and set up this plugin.

Free Shipping Bar:

The Free Shipping Bar is one of the best e-commerce plugins for companies that offer free shipping to shoppers who spend a certain amount of money.

You can promote your free shipping offer with progressive messages with this plugin. Such notifications let users know how far they have to go before the threshold is reached. It allows you to improve sales and get more individuals to add items to their carts.

This plugin also allows you to display different free shipping deals based on the pages visited, the time, the devices used, and the location of the users.

You can also customize the experience by adding background photos to your progress bar, such as promoting your free shipping during the holidays.

This tool is great because it lets you control each shipping bar’s success to see what shipping targets produce the most revenue for your business.

Return Magic:

When you market your goods, you will find consumers who are disappointed, who did not receive the correct size, or who hate the product. They’ll want to send it back. This is why you need one of the most critical e-commerce plugins for Shopify: Return Magic.

For your shoppers, Return Magic helps you to make your returns quick. You can create a branded portal with this plugin to automate cash refunds, gift card refunds, and more. You will have several refund choices for your audience.

You can autogenerate labels for returns with this plugin, making the return process smooth and simple. Return Magic does not issue automatic refunds; you maintain discretion over whether or not to accept a return!

Referral Candy:

One of the best Shopify plugins for growing referrals and sales is ReferralCandy. This plugin is excellent for customizing your referral program’s look and sound. Pop-ups and referral pages can be personalized to match your brand.

Shopify will launch your referral plan for you and run it. You can monitor the success of your referral program as it runs. For your company, you get an overview of who referred who, shares, and sales.

This Shopify extensions allows you to also customise the incentive. You have the option of offering a special gift or a coupon — the choice is yours.

Back In Stock:

Items are likely to go out of stock when you sell a lot of goods. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could let shoppers know when you’re replenishing your stock? With the plugin for Back In Stock, you can!

These Shopify extensions some of the most powerful for your company. You may create a program to give individuals who sign up for automatic emails or SMS messages. So, when the product is back in stock, they’re going to get a message and can go through it.

To create a branded personalization post, you can create a custom theme for your “back in stock” emails. It only takes five minutes to install this plugin, and you don’t need any coding experience to do so.

Judge Me:

Did you know that 92% of people trust a brand’s recommendations? Reviews are vital in assisting you in rising sales for your company. You will obtain more feedback for your company with this Shopify add-on.

This plugin helps your audience to directly review your goods in their e-mail. They may also include photographs and videos in their reviews.

Your reviews will appear in several places thanks to Judge. me. Your stars might show up in Google Search (via rich snippets), Google Shopping, Facebook, and other places.

The finest part? It’s not important for you to raise a finger. The plugin will take care of the installation and import of your current feedback. It’s a wonderful plugin for increasing your social evidence and increasing your sales.

Wishlist Plus:

The last of the Shopify e-commerce plugins we will cover is Wishlist Plus. A basic aspect of the shopping experience is wish lists. Even if customers aren’t ready to purchase right now, adding a product to a wishlist can lead to more sales later.

You will allow shoppers to create a wishlist with Wishlist Plus. This tool enables users to build a full-featured wishlist that needs no login from the user. There are also mobile-friendly lists.

To help encourage purchases, you can send these shoppers customized emails and social campaigns based on their wish lists. Not to mention, to make things more personal for your audience, you can customize the messages you send.

Let Folio3 help you instal the best plugins for Shopify:

Finding the best Shopify plugins can be a challenging job. It’s difficult to decide what would work best for your company with so many choices.

If you’re having trouble deciding which plugins to use and how to install them, folio3 is here to help. We have a team of more than 250 e-commerce experts with all the bells and whistles to help you build and optimize a Shopify store.
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