Shrinkage Problems: Anti-Shrinkage Products For 4c Hair


If you have naturally curly hair as well, you might have experienced the problem of shrinkage. Shrinkage can be caused when your wet hair is weighed out and when these dry you might see that the hair’s length does decrease. This is called shrinkage.

The initial thing to identify is if you have 4c hair. It can be complicated to understand your hair type.

How to identify your hair type at home?

The easiest way to identify is by placing your hair strand on a solid surface after removing it from your head. The wave pattern can help you identify the type of hair you have. One of these hair patterns and probably the one that curls the most can be identified as a 4c type.

There are other factors such as hair density to consider. Here, you are required to see if your hair has a thin, medium, or thick hair density. This is about the hair placement of hair on your head.

Hair diameter is another factor that determines your hair type. This can be called the width of an individual strand.

Based on these factors your hair type can be determined differently. However, here we are only going to look at the curl pattern of your hair, which is why the technique mentioned above works.

There are several ways by which you can avoid the problem of hair shrinkage when it comes to 4c hair.

1. Wash day alert

A key thing to note is that your hair must not shrink on a wash day. Use techniques that can be done at home to avoid this on a wash day. This will then make sure your hair is not shrunk on other days until the next wash day.

2. Coconut milk

Coconut milk can be identified as one of the anti-shrinkage products for 4c hair. It can also easily replace conditioners and has molecules small enough to enter the hair shaft and moisturize it. It will also hydrate your scalp and hair and provide it with the nutrients it requires. About 20 minutes to an hour can be the duration you can keep the coconut milk on your hair for.

3. Aloe Vera gel

Aloe Vera gel is known to do wonders on skin and hair. For 4c hair, you can use aloe vera gel on 4c hair and then style your hair. Aloe vera gel also provides your hair with hydration and the nutrients it requires.

4. Anti-frizz products

There are a lot of anti-frizz products available in the market that can provide you with the luxury to avoid frizz. This will also reduce the shrinkage of your hair.

5. While washing

Another simple trick to avoid shrinkage is to ensure that the hair is washed in an elongated twisted manner. This means that while washing, divide your hair, and wash it with care. Even after washing, take sections of few strands and twist while styling.

6. The 3 step routine

Using the 3 products such as moisturizer, hair oil and gel can work amazingly for type 4c hair. Here, you need to first divide your hair into various sections. Divide your hair as you start applying the products. Apply moisturizer everywhere to get rid of the dryness. The next step is to apply the oil in order to lock the moisturizer in. You could use any oil that suits your hair- coconut or olive oil.
In the end, apply a hair gel to give a nice look to your hair. This will definitely elongate the number of hours your hair stays moisturized.

7. Hair techniques

There are certain hair techniques such as banding and bunning that are easy to do techniques at home. You can use these to make sure that your hair can temporarily avoid the problem of hair shrinkage. There are products that can assist you in ending this hair battle.

These are 7 hair shrinkage products and techniques that can help you avoid the issue temporarily. Using these products regularly can actually improve the behavior of your hair. However, before trying any products make sure to check if the products suit you or not. You can always find alternatives to products that do not suit your hair.

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