May 19, 2022

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Some Of The Everyday Examples of Nanotech Products

Nanotech Products
Nanotech Products

Nanotech principle indicates controlling matter on a small scale at the molecular and atomic levels. This might sound truly science fiction, however, it can be applied to some pretty ordinary utilization in everyday products. Many might be unaware of Nanotech meaning and that’s why we are here today. In this piece of writing, we are going to explore some of the common nanotechnology products that make the utilization of Nanotech in our everyday world.

What is meant by nanotechnology?

Nanotechnology refers to looking at the globe on a tiny scale where one cannot only see the atoms that makeup everything encompassing us, but also can manipulate and transfer those items throughout creating new things. One can think of nanotechnology as construction on a time scale. 

The word tiny is emphasized in the concept of nanotech as a nanoscale happens to be a thousand times tinier as compared to the microscopic level and a billion times tinier than the usual world of meters that we are used to measuring things in. If you take a glance at the human hair for example it would approximately measure 100000 manometers broad. It is a kind of scale we happen to be dealing with at the nano level. It is somewhat fascinating to state these, but how does nanotech meaning impact the globe at a large scale. 

When you happen to zoom in and take a glance at the materials on an atomic level you might sometimes discover that they may behave quite differently and possess completely varied properties at their atomic levels. Take a simple example of silk. Silk may feel incredibly delicate and soft to touch, however, if you take a glance at its narrow level you will get to see that it is constructed of molecules aligned in cross-links and this is something that makes Silk so strong. 

With that being stated, we can utilize this knowledge to manipulate different materials at their Nano levels for creating state-of-the-art and super-strong materials. This is where the right application of nanotechnology comes in. Here are some of the daily nanotechnology products you need to know. 

1. Sunscreen

In sunscreens, nanoparticles have been combined for ages to make them more productive. Two specific kinds of nanoparticles usually combine sunscreens are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. These small particles do not happen to be highly effective at blocking the ultraviolet radiation but they additionally feel smoother on the skin which is the reason why modern sunscreens are nowhere gooey and thick as the sunscreen we were used to as kids.

2. Clothing

When utilizing in clothing materials, silica nanoparticles can assist in creating fabrics that help repel water and other liquids. Silica nanoparticles are added to fabrics both by adding into the weaves or are sprayed onto the fabric surface for creating a stain-proof and waterproof coating. Therefore, if you have come across how liquid forms tiny beads on waterproof clothes that simply roll on clothing other than being adsorbed, this is because of nanotechnology. 

3. Furniture

Similar to clothing, furniture is another nanotechnology product that can be made stain proof and waterproof with the help of nanotechnology. Nanotechnology is also responsible for making furniture less flammable. By covering the foam utilize in upholstered furniture with nanofibers of carbon, furniture manufacturers can decrease the flammability up to 35%. 

4. Adhesives

Nanotech can be utilized for optimizing adhesives. In an interesting part, maximum adhesives lose their stickiness when exposed to high temperatures. However, when it comes to applying nanotechnology in adhesives, not only can they withstand high temperatures, but they also get stronger as the surrounding temperature enhances.

5. Car paintwork

Every one of us has a clear idea that bird droppings can destroy car paintwork. To combat this problem, companies these days produce high-performance nano-coating that can be utilized for protecting the paintwork of cars from Bird droppings. Other than that, these coatings can also be used for protecting the car upholstery from spillages and stains. 

6. Tennis balls

Among all the other Nanotechnology products, the tennis ball is one that has discovered a wide range of applications in the sports equipment world. Nanotechnology helps the tennis balls in keeping their bounce for a longer time and makes the racquets stronger. 

7. Computers

Without the utilization of nanotechnology, we would not be able to utilize daily electronics in our everyday life. When it comes to tiny computer processes, they used Nano Technologies. Being an incredibly impressive Technology, nanotechnology is helping computers stand out from the rest.