April 13, 2021

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The First Truly Sustainable Beauty Salon Is In Bergen Op Zoom

Sustainable Beauty Salon

Truly sustainable entrepreneurship with your beauty salon

 She does not want the beautiful nature around us to be lost and believes that we should pass on our planet to our descendants without much damage. That is why she wants to work as environmentally friendly and as sustainable as possible and she is willing to do a lot for that. I want to keep our planet liveable and contribute to it. I do everything for that ”.

Loes is a sustainable business, which means that she wants to make a profit, but at the same time wants to take advantage of the opportunities for a better environment and more well-being for the people in society. So it concerns activities that go a step further than what is required by law or working with green cosmetics in the beauty salon. Loes Frijters developed her own beauty salon InBalance Face and Bodycentre in Bergen op Zoom for idealistic reasons.

However, she found it difficult to explain to her potential customers how she now made the difference compared to other beauty salons and what that sustainable entrepreneurship actually means when you have a beauty salon. Together with Loes, I looked at her online marketing approach, and together we thought about how we could convey this message as well and clearly as possible to her target group. And so InBalance Face and Bodycentre became the first truly sustainable beauty salon in the Netherlands.

Green cosmetics and treatments

sustainable business beauty salonHer salon at Wouwsestraatweg 155 in Bergen op Zoom works with various carefully selected green cosmetic brands. These products are made from 100% natural and organic ingredients and contain a high content of pure essential oils, plant oils, plant extracts, and hydrolates. Loes uses the power of nature in her treatments, in the form of aroma and phytotherapy. She achieves good results with this in the field of skin improvement.

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The refillable make-up is packed in a recycled cotton bag by people with disabilities. In the salon, the products are wrapped in recycled paper and boxes are reused.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The salon is furnished with natural wooden materials that have the least possible impact on the environment. The little energy that is consumed is generated by the solar panels that have been purchased together with the neighbor. The ‘normal’ lamps have largely already been replaced by an LED light.

Many towels are used during the treatments in every beauty salon. Loes has opted for bamboo cotton towels. This is a strong type of cotton, it is soft and also absorbs moisture very well. But it is much less damaging to the environment than regular cotton towels. Hygiene is of paramount importance at Inbalance Face and Body center, there is a good cleaning with environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Loes supports social causes and involves people who have a harder time in society in her business operations in the salon. For example, people with a disability help her with packing the make-up. She uses the scarce free time she has for voluntary work at `T Getij.

Sustainable entrepreneurship and other new developments in the beauty industry

Do you, like Loes, want to respond better to new developments in the beauty industry? We have developed a new approach especially for beauty professionals with their own practice. Together we think about how we can reach your target group and how you can use your website and social media for this. If we do this correctly, we only need 1 A4 for this plan. Then I will teach you the tricks of the trade to help you raise awareness of your practice and acquire more new customers. Read more about marketing for professionals with their own practice here.