May 7, 2021

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Tips For Lead Generation With The Blog-2021

lead generation
lead generation

I am sure you have or have already thought of placing an action button (CTA) on your website for newsletter subscription. . However, if you want to generate a significant number of leads that result in business opportunities, you cannot stop here.

Take advantage of all the channels you already have available to generate leads. This article will show you how you can take advantage of your blog, email campaigns, and social networks to increase your contact list.

At our agency, Leads360, we analyze numerous client websites, and if there is something we often see, it is clients who make an effort and invest time and resources in a blog section that is then not used for lead generation. Start generating leads through the blog with these tips:

  Insert action buttons

Putting an action button at the end of each article you write should be mandatory. However, it is necessary to take into account what type of buttons to use. For example, you can promote premium content (ebooks, videos, white papers, etc.), promote an offline event or webinar, or subscribe to your blog. According to a survey carried out by Hubspot, placing an action button with a direct subscription, instead of an action button that directs to a landing page, at the end of each article can increase the conversion rate by up to 17%.

Update existing action buttons

Transforming the action buttons you currently have on your blog to make them more relevant can be an excellent way to convert more visitors into leads. To increase the number of tips that convert into current articles, you should start by optimizing action buttons on reports that continuously receive many visits, coming from organic traffic. Make a list of all items with many visits but low conversion rates. After choosing which items to optimize, you should answer the following questions:

– What other offers do you have that are most relevant to promote in this article?

– Are there any other pertinent resources that you can mention throughout the article?


What keywords do people use to get to your articles? Find out what they are and make sure that those keywords are used in the action buttons. This way, it is creating relevance, which consequently will increase the probability of your visitors converting.

How to make it?

  1. Make a list of keywords that your visitors use to get to your blog;
  2. Identify which articles appear in organic searches for those keywords and then record each keyword’s ranking for each keyword. 
  3. Organize items by many visits in a decreasing way;
  4. Update your action buttons with keywords so they can be more relevant. 

Tips for generating leads with email marketing

Email marketing is excellent for dating leads but can also be used to generate new contacts. Learn how with these two simple tips: 

Increase the open rate of your emails to be able to generate leads through your email campaigns. It is essential to improve your available quality because you will not cause any leads if no one opens emails.

There are several ways to improve the open rate:

  • Use the preview text intelligently and creatively.
  • Optimize the time to send campaigns.
  • Do A / B tests on the subject of your emails.
  • Analyze what works best with your audience.

2. Encourage sharing

Your emails must be connected to social networks to ensure that your campaign can be shared with the contacts on your distribution list. If you are sending relevant content at the right time, it will be natural for your contacts to want to share the same with their friends and colleagues, thereby increasing (and much) the reach of your campaign. It is essential that the share buttons are well identified and that it is clear what happens if one of your contacts decides to click on them.

How to generate leads through Social Media

Social networks are no longer to see who gets more likes or more fans. Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin, among other social networks, have established themselves as great tools to generate traffic and leads. Try these three tips and watch your contact list grow: 

Show relevant content to the right people.

Segment your Facebook posts to increase the likelihood of converting visitors to leads. This option is free on Facebook and allows you to show content to people who are not yet fans of your page but have similar interests to your current followers. 

Use the Pin option on the various social networks.

Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin allow you to fix a publication or tweet that is particularly relevant or that you want to highlight during a specific time so that it is not lost on the timeline. 

This can be an excellent option to promote new content or an online event and increase new contacts due to the prominent position that this content will occupy on your page. 

Include images 

There are several articles and experiments carried out that prove the effectiveness of using images in posts on social networks. In this way, always use images in your updates on social networks to increase engagement with followers and boost new leads. 

Many lead generation companies are now using modern techniques and methods to increase their sales leads. Just go through this article to achieve the goals of lead generation sales.