May 7, 2021

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Tips For Wax Sugar

Wax Sugar

Tips For Wax Sugar – In my salon, you can go for every conceivable resin treatment performed with the best resin products by a true professional. I also offer popular Brazilian wax treatment.

Threshold fear is absolutely not necessary, everything happens in a relaxed atmosphere and your privacy is guaranteed. I take all the time to make sure that you feel comfortable and at ease and therefore get the very best results.

Why Waxing?

Shaving leaves the roots intact, leaving your hair back with stubble. With waxing, your hair stays on average 3 to 5 weeks longer. It also comes back softer and to a lesser extent. By using the best types of resin and my years of experience, your skin will be super smooth and silky soft in no time.

What options?

All hair growth on the body can be removed with waxing. In my salon, you can go for any wax treatment of the body or face, such as legs, armpits, bikini line, and hair growth on the face. Of course, you can also contact me for the popular Brazilian Wax treatment. In the price list, you can find all resin treatments with the corresponding prices.

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If you have specific wishes or questions, you can of course contact us at any time.

Brazilian Waxing

With Brazilian Waxing, all hair around and on the labia is removed, just like the hair between the buttocks. The hair on the mound can be removed as desired, with all kinds of variations:

Brazilian resins.

Wax With Sugar Wax.

Sugar wax originated from an age-old recipe that consists entirely of natural ingredients. Today, this easy hair removal method, which is now also available as a ready-to-use product, is on the rise. This epilation comes from the Middle East and dates back to the time of Cleopatra, famous for its beauty. The secret of this resin lies in the correct dosage of the ingredients: water, honey, sugar, and lemon.

The Benefits Of Sugar Wax Over Other Wax Methods

Waxing with sugar resin offers numerous benefits! No wonder this form of hair removal has been used since time immemorial:

It is a 100% natural technique with simple ingredients: water, sugar, lemon and possibly some honey to soften.

This wax is guaranteed to give you smooth skin for three weeks.

This hair removal method is very effective: the more often you use sugar wax, the slower the hair will grow back.

This epilation method is also very gentle: it limits irritations, prevents ingrown hairs, and reduces the risk of redness and allergies. Sugar wax is therefore highly recommended for people with sensitive skin or with brittle hairs on certain body parts. Furthermore, this oriental sugar hair removal is softer and less stressful for the skin. The wax is used at a mild temperature and by applying the sugar paste in spheres or strips, you also get a kind of massage effect.

We advise not to use perfumed products immediately after the treatment to avoid irritation. Exfoliating once a week keeps the skin soft and prevents hair from growing in.

A few tips:

– Scrub your skin 24 hours before the waxing so that your hairs stand a bit more upright and waxing is easier

– Do not use products with fatty oils or body milk 24 hours before waxing.

– Keep in mind that the hairs should not be too long, but also not too short for a good waxing. Half to one centimeter is ideal: waxing will not only be less painful, but also easier with more grip and with less chance of breaking hairs.

– The first 48 hours after a waxing you prefer to stay out of the natural or artificial sun. If you cannot avoid this, choose a sun product with a high degree of protection.

So that’s is all about Tips For Wax Sugar.