Top 15 Programming Languages For Web Development

Programming Languages

To put it simply, programming languages are used to make machines (here computers and similar e-gadgets) and web & mobile technologies do greater things. They can help develop a website carrying loads of information or help build an online store selling your favorite merchandise. Nonetheless, there are programming languages that assist developers in doing the same, i.e., web development. 

New programming languages are introduced, or the old ones are upgraded to help the coders in different ways. While there are several options to choose from, it is understandable if coders get confused. This list is to help them out by giving a brief overview of the top 15 programming languages of recent times. 

List Of Top 15 Web Development Programming Languages to Look for 

1. Python 

Python is one of the most popular open-source programming languages used presently. The language is based on the principles of OOP (Object-oriented programming language). This high-level language is easy to learn for beginners and seasoned coders, and as per reports, the demand for Python language isn’t going to diminish anytime soon. Furthermore, it is supported on frequently used platforms such as Windows Vista and newer, Mac OS 10.6 or later, Linux, FreeBSD 10 and newer, and its growing community guarantees positive prospects of the language. 

2. Javascript (Node.js and React.js) 

This high-level programming language was released in the year of 1995. Back then, it was used for frontend development only. But, now it can be used for front-end as well as back-end development with the inclusion of Node.js. The programming language works well in web and mobile platforms and can also be used with other programming languages with ease. 

Javascript along with Node.js and React.js is one of the most powerful languages of the present time. That makes it easier for coders to provide efficient web design and development services. 

3. C 

C was introduced in the coding world in 1972 and is considered the beginning point for several other similar languages. It is considered as one of the primary programming languages one needs to know to learn the basics of coding. Faster execution, improved portability, and a simple debugging process make it a desirable choice for web development. However, the syntax used for this language might seem a little complex. 

4. C#

Pronounced as ‘C Sharp’, this programming language was released in 2000 and widely used for web development with .Net. Apart from the OOP concept, it also adheres to the component-oriented algorithms. The websites developed using C# are highly scalable making it today’s popular programming language. 

5. Java 

Introduced in 1995 by James Gosling, Java is one of the most stable programming languages of all time. And that’s the reason why several large-scale organizations entrust Java with their web development project. This open-source language also follows the concept of OOP. 

6. PHP

Introduced in 1995, PHP has come a long way since its release. Several popular websites like Wikipedia are built using PHP making it more popular amongst programmers. It is supported by almost all platforms. Since it is supported with other programming languages as well, this is easy to use. 

7. Perl 

It was released in the early 2000s as a general-purpose programming language. Developers still use this open-source programming language for web development.  

8. Ruby 

Ruby is an open-source and flexible programming language used for the frontend and backend development of websites. This language was built by adding the highlighting features of various other programming languages such as Perl, Eiffel, Smalltalk, etc. Even though it’s not as widespread as others on the list, it has huge community support. 

9. Go 

Go programming language was developed in 2009 and is rapidly growing into a prospective language used for web development. Programmers can ensure high security when they build websites using the Go language. Moreover, it is simple to learn and use. 

10. Dart 

It is an open-sourced programming language that follows the OOP concept. This modern language is highly efficient and can be used for web development

11. Elixir

It is a general-purpose language used by programmers for web development and runs on virtual machines, namely BEAM. 

12. Kotlin

This open-source programming language can work well with popular languages such as Java, javascript, etc., for web development. 

13. Rust 

It is a multi-paradigm language with similar syntax as that of C++ and its dedicated use lies in performance and safety. This low-level language provides plenty of opportunities for other popular programming languages present in this list for efficient web development. 

14. Typescript 

It was introduced as a superset of Javascript and was released in 2012. Being a subset of such a popular programming language, this functions smoothly with Javascript. Moreover, programmers familiar with Javascript will find it easier to work with TypeScript. 

15. Scala

This was introduced in 2004 as a general-purpose programming language with the capabilities of Java. It was built to provide programmers with an improved web development experience than Java and understandably is popular among the Java community. 

While there are several programming languages to choose from, the introduction of CMS platforms has somewhat eased programmers and developers’ burden. And, they also ensure the security and optimum performance of the built websites. Auxesis Infotech is one such organization that specializes in web development, owing to the seasoned members onboard. 

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