Top 3 Common Mistakes that Joomla Beginners Make

Common Mistakes that Joomla Beginners Make

Joomla is the most popular CMS tool like WordPress. It can be used to build a website or blog. Are you planning to create a website or blog using Joomla? There are a few common mistakes that Joomla beginners make.

In this article, we will discuss the top 3 common mistakes that Joomla beginners make, and how to avoid those three common mistakes in Joomla.

Joomla beginners first need to learn step by step common mistakes in Joomla. DomainRacer web hosting is a perfect choice for beginners and developers to host a website. It provides all the essential features at an affordable cheap linux hosting India price. (starting Plan at $0.99/m)

Avoid 3 Common Mistakes that Joomla Beginners Make!

Here are three of the most common Joomla mistakes you need to avoid while building your website using Joomla.

1. Without Resizing Upload Images 

The large image may not affect your website, but the effect on your website speed when you start adding large size images.

Website loading speed is so important. Because of one-second delays in page loading time can affect the reduction in conversions and increase bounce rate. 

The DomainRacer is one of the cheapest hosting services in the world, Provide SSD storage space and 21x faster LiteSpeed technology, so the website loads quickly.

So if you want your website faster, you must compress the image before you upload it. Many free and paid tools available, you can use to compress your website images before you upload them to your Joomla site.

2. Install a Joomla Extension:

You can run all your Joomla extensions through the Extensions>>Manage section. If you want to install a new extension, updating, or disabling existing ones, everything you can do in this section.

Extensions increase the power of your Joomla websites, and there are many extensions available for free to install.

Some hackers are even trying to access your Joomla website in different ways, and one of their first targets is the Joomla extensions.

The best thing is developers of the extension always try to keep checking everything and releases updates from time to time, which will help to improve the security of the extension.

Sometimes you receive the notification to update your Joomla extensions, so try to update the Joomla Extension.

There are a few extensions for your Joomla website you need to install: ProFiles, Google Maps by Reumer, AllVideos, Akeeba backup.

3. Copy and pasting content

If you are copying content from any editor like Google Docs, Microsoft Word, then there is a more chance that you are pasting any of the markups with it and you cannot see it.

The reason is that any Word documents use unique code to format lists, fonts, and other components. Hence, this unique code you always need to check the code of the content after posting it into Joomla.

It is the most common Joomla mistake that beginners always make. To avoid this Joomla mistake, copy your word selection, and paste it into a standard text editor.  Then next copy that selection and paste into Joomla website.

The second solution to avoid this Joomla mistake is to use a tool, which will automatically fix formatting code issues from Word documents.

Choose the Best Joomla Web Hosting Provider

Choosing a Joomla CMS tool to build your website is good, but you want web hosts who provide everything that you need to make your Joomla website.

Whether you are beginners or already have a website, choosing the best Joomla web hosting provider is a little bit tricky because not all web hosting providers are perfect for Joomla.

In the other hand

If you are looking for the cheapest and high-performance Linux cPanel hosting provider, then DomainRacer is the best option. Let’s take a look at DomainRacer Hosting features.

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  5. Daily and Weekly website backup using JetBackup 
  6. Free website migration means transfer website file old to a new server
  7. Support Team  24/7 available to assist you
  8. Free SitePad Website Builder that include 1000+ Themes and Templates
  9. Highest security tools: DDoS Protection, Imunify AV+, and Imunify360, it will manage the website security at the server and application level. 

Their cheapest shared hosting plan starts at $0.99/month that includes all essential hosting features. If you have a high-level traffic website, then pick a VPS or dedicated hosting plan.


Whether you are creating a new Joomla based website or migrating, you need the best web hosting provider that always helps you every step of the way. We

In this article, we explained the top Joomla beginner’s mistakes. So Joomla beginners learn all those common Joomla mistakes and keep these points in your mind and try to avoid any of these Joomla mistakes.

In this, we suggested a one cheap web hosting provider name.  If you need to know more about DomainRacer web hosting, then visit their official website.

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