Top 5 Ways To Make Long-Distance Raksha Bandhan Memorable

Raksha Bandhan Memorable

Raksha Bandhan is the festival that represents the unbreakable bond of the siblings. This festival is specially meant for them and provides strength to their bond every year. The most exciting part of this festival is the ceremony of using a holy thread called rakhi to tie on the brother’s wrist by his sister. By doing this, sisters show their love for their brothers and also take promise for them of their protection. Not only this, but brothers also give gifts to them to cheer them up and make them smile. It feels so good to spend time with the whole family on this day, and it makes us feel blessed. But if you are staying away from your family and can’t visit them on this lovely day, then you don’t need to worry. Despite the long-distance, there are many ways in which you can still celebrate this festival to make it a memorable one.

In this article, we will be sharing some ways to make your long-distance Raksha Bandhan celebration a memorable one. So, order rakhi online and keep the excitement alive within your heart.


Although you can’t visit your family on this celebration day due to some reasons, technology can help you to be with your family without actually being there physically in this case. This is possible due to the various applications and online services that provide the feature of video calling. You can make a video call to your dear sibling on this day to make them feel your presence. It will make them feel like you are with them and will complete this celebration with your online presence. So, make use of technology to celebrate this occasion in case of long-distance.

Book a guitarist

To make your sibling feel special, you can book a guitarist to play their favorite tunes on a conference call. Various online websites provide this service, or you can also take the help of your friend who knows to play guitar for the same. The melodious tunes that they will play will melt the heart of your sibling and will make them dance with joy and happiness. This is one of the best ways to celebrate this lovely festival in case of a long-distance. This melodious gesture will play a symphony in their heart and will tell them how much you are missing them.


To keep the happiness and excitement alive in the heart on this festival day, you can send rakhi to Delhi to your brother or sister to tell them that you are thinking about them. A lot of online portals provide home delivery of gifts, so you can choose a perfect present for Raksha Bandhan from them for your sibling and get them delivered at their place. This is the best way to tell them that distance can’t reduce your love for them. It will help you to connect with your sibling and will touch their heart.


If your sibling is sad because of your absence on this lovely eve, then you can surprise them with a personalized video message. You can cite a poem specially written for them and can pour your heart out to make them feel cheerful and delighted on this day. This will not only make them happy but will also make them feel special. Such a heartfelt message will serve as one of the best gifts for them, and it will also eliminate the sad thoughts from their mind making them happy.


Posting your own pictures on social media is very common. Still, to make this day a special one for your siblings, you can post a photograph with them and can write a heartfelt caption for it to tell them that they are a very important part of your life, and you are missing them too much. Your sibling will be overwhelmed by this heart-warming gesture of yours and will appreciate you for the same. 

We hope that you loved this article and got a perfect idea to make this long-distance celebration a perfect one. So, order rakhi gifts online and enjoy this lovely eve.

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