May 7, 2021

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Top 6 Payment Modules for Drupal Commerce

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One question must have crossed your mind if you are an owner of an online store which integrations you should be using in order to meet the customer’s expectations. Well, that is a valid one to be considered so to answer this question for you we have assembled a dedicated list of several modules when you can avail of by opting for Drupal web development. This list includes the top 6 payment modules that facilitate the payment integration to make your Drupal-based e-commerce website as effective as it can possibly be.

Top 6 Payment Modules for Drupal Commerce

Commerce PayPal 

One of the major payment gateways that support numerous payment functionalities is Commerce Paypal. It ranges from PayPal payment standard that helps in redirecting to PayPal during the purchasing process with quick payment notifications to PayPal payment pro which supports authorizations. Along with this, PayPal express checkout facilitates the redirection from one cart to another during the purchasing process to PayPal by making the order updated. And lastly, PayPal payment advanced or Payflow links both help to make the payments easier and convenient by PayPal to almost every international location. This Drupal module also supports PayPal Credit because of the wide range of payment choices available for a larger mass of people. So, this makes Commerce PayPal an absolute reason to consider Drupal for your e-commerce platforms. Also, because a large number of users are familiar with making transactions on PayPal so it has become a kind of the most preferred payment method. 

Commerce Stripe 

Another payment gateway is Commerce Stripe which provides you with tokenized payment gateway when integrated with Drupal Commerce. But you must be wondering what are the benefits of it. Well, because of this customers are able to make payments safely at a Drupal-based online store without having to leave your website. Besides, it also accepts online payments that will facilitate the users to get done with the transaction with Visa, MasterCard, BitCoins, or other payment methods. It comes up with multiple functionalities benefits. Ranging from PCI standard-compliant payments, using Stripe.JS library, tracking the payment status to the handling of refunds, and bitcoins. So, now you have enough reasons for Stripe to be implemented in your online store.

Commerce Amazon Pay

Well, you don’t really need an introduction to Amazon, do you? It is a brand itself so it does not really require a reason for you to implement this Commerce Amazon Pay module. However, to help you analyze it as a part of Drupal consulting, it can help you make use of it in your online store. Moreover, to give you a clearer picture, it has a considerable vast number of active users which is calculated around 310 million all around the world. This has many reasons, from an enormously increasing conversion rate to adding Commerce Amazon Pay to save your e-shop customers’ valuable time by providing them numerous advantages. So, it eliminates the process of entering payment and shipping details and credentials by providing a straight option for the customers to log in to their Amazon account and get done with the purchasing process.  This makes a huge process a game of few clicks which contributes to a hassle-free checkout process that helps in reducing cart abandonment rate and eventually encourages users to come back again. Along with this, it also increases omnichannel purchases making the shopping experience considerably easier and consistent across all channels. It also provides users to make purchases through Amazon Alexa.

Commerce Authorize.Net

Commerce module when integrated with Drupal Commerce makes it easier to make payments for the e-customers. As we all know that history of Drupal is vast and this is because it allows payments via numerous methods like visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Apple Pay, Visa SRC, JCB, Chase Pay, and even with E-Check. So, it is quite clear that international payments are facilitated through this module very conveniently. Moreover, recurring payments are certainly deserving to be taken into consideration whether it is about subscribers or regular customers. This option reduces the time that ideally goes into the purchasing process as it doesn’t require to re-enter the billing data while manually entering every transaction. It also provides filters to protect from scammers and these include speed filters, IP filters, transaction filters, and shipping filters. Taking another element into consideration, it also provides an e-customer invoicing option that allows you to send personalized email messages. These email messages include logo, selected backgrounds, font, personal note, and also a description. Along with that, it also provides a dashboard that allows being used by invoice number and filter by invoice.

Commerce TPay is one such solution that was originally created for the Polish e-commerce market. In this various payment methods are available which include internet transfers, e-transfers, installment payments, payment cards, and mobile payments with QR codes and premium SMS. This enables full automation of payment acceptance and quick execution of orders and payments. Additionally, it has a Fastpass as an efficient payment method for customers all because of the free mobile application that makes the BLIK payments possible to be accepted from a mobile device. So, in the situation where you don’t wish to pay for the terminal, you must install the application and register on Tpay as your smartphone will become your terminal. It also allows you to use electronic wallets and also helps in integrating with Google Pay, Visa, and MasterCard.


DotPay provides a wide range of functionalities like a marketplace, fast pay-outs, automation of returns, reminder, payment geolocation, and return that are intended for the Polish market specifically. You can choose the payment methods from PBLK, e-Raty, currency payment to Apple Pay, Google Pay, and currency payments. Along with that, other payment methods like one click, planet plus, click and collect. However, there is a large possibility of payment methods that are not mentioned here. But on top of these, it can also be integrated with a Drupal-based online store that stands out as a major reason to consider DotPay. This not only helps the customer to get a good variety to make payments but also increases the chances of conversions massively.

Taking everything into account, these are the top 6 payment modules for Drupal Commerce that facilitate the payment process and make it a task of a few clicks. But do you know what can make the process even easier? Indeed a helping hand from professionals, well, you don’t need to worry about it as Auxesis Infotech is one of the highly-rated Drupal development companies in the market. With its expertise in providing excellent results to its clients and a wholly dedicated team of professionally-trained developers, designers, and testers, it has managed to cater to numerous clients for its Drupal projects.