May 15, 2021

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Top 7 Medical Dictionary Apps for Aspiring Physicians

Medical Dictionary Apps

Staying on top of studies is the ultimate goal of every medical student. They use a variety of reference books and medical school study resources to prepare for their rotations and score impressive marks in their board exams. Medical dictionary is one of the most important study resources that medical students, residents, physicians, and health professionals use to understand intricate medical terminologies.  

A medical dictionary is the most useful study aid that can help you understand the terms you are familiar with. It will also come in handy to refresh your concept when an important mechanism that you already learned in your preclinical years has slipped your mind. Sometimes you understand the concept but can’t be able to recall the exact terminology for a medical condition, drug, and anatomical structure.

Whether you want to understand the meaning of complex medical terminology or want to learn the function of over the counter and prescription drugs to ace your clinical clerkships. A medical dictionary can help you understand complex concepts in the best possible way. Your medical school application journey and residency training will become more successful when you quickly know the meaning of unfamiliar medical terms.

Thanks to medical dictionary apps that can help you understand medical terms and diseases every time when you encounter them. Here I have listed medical dictionary apps for medical students, residents, physicians, patients, and healthcare professionals to help you quickly find the meaning of specific medical terminology.

Check them out.

1. Medical Dictionary by Farlex

Medical Dictionary by Farlex is one of the best study apps available for medical students, physicians, nurses, or healthcare professionals. It helps you understand more than 180,000 medical terminologies. The app contains more than 12,000 images so that you can visually understand the concept. Whether you are doing your pathology residency or want to complete your anatomy assignment.

Medical Dictionary by Farlex contains explanations of medical terminologies of a number of disciplines. You can learn concepts of anatomy, pathology, physiology, dentistry, ophthalmology, drugs, tests and procedures, and much more. Its drug guide includes more than 4,000 over the counter and prescription drugs. If you find it hard to pronounce a medical term, don’t worry. In this app, you will find more than 50,000 audio pronunciation for complex medical terminologies.

2. Diseases Dictionary & Treatments Offline

Diseases Dictionary & Treatments Offline is the best medical dictionary app that provides comprehensive information on medical disorders, diseases, symptoms, and treatment. This medical dictionary acts as your clinical advisor for physicians, nurses, pharmaceuticals, physician assistants, medical students, pharmacy students, and residents. You can download this free doctor to know the important details about common diseases and the possible treatment options.

The search feature allows you to easily find the particular medical term, symptom, cause, complication, test, treatment option, drug, and home remedy. The app also allows you to bookmark the Disease item to your favorite list by simply clicking on the star icon.

3. Medical Dictionary

It is a useful medical dictionary that contains more than 16,000 medical terminologies and vocabulary. You will find hard-to-spell medical terms in alphabetical order. It also includes pharmacy abbreviations and terminologies. The best part about using this medical dictionary is that you don’t need an internet connection to check the meaning of complicated terminologies.

A comprehensive database of medical terminologies and medical vocabulary allows you to learn new words and expand your knowledge. It is a great choice for students, healthcare professionals, physicians, physician assistants, nursing professionals, and healthcare professionals who want to strengthen their medical knowledge.

4. Diseases Dictionary Medical

It is one of the best medical dictionary apps available that provides you with definitions, symptoms, causes, and possible treatment options. It acts like a free doctor who can guide you on self-diagnose by checking the symptoms, diseases, and treatment. Diseases Dictionary Medical can work offline and provide you with a detailed description of different medical conditions and diseases.

This medical reference thesaurus covers the most important medical terminologies and their abbreviations. The treatment section provides you with useful information about prescription drug information. It acts as a handy free pocket guide for clinical students, residents, and nursing professionals that provide quick information on pharmaceutical terms and medical terminologies.

5. Learn Medical Terminology

Whether you are a premedical student, planning to attend a Caribbean medical school, completing an online postbaccalaureate course, or a nursing student who wants to expand your medical knowledge. Learn Medical Terminology is an amazing app that can help you understand the complex medical language. With the help of this medical dictionary app, you can easily find the meaning of a term by scrolling the list of roots, prefixes, and suffixes. This app can act as the best revision tool to successfully pass your CMA (AAMA) medical terminology exams.

The app includes different medical terminology exercises and online learning courses to expand their knowledge. Anyone who wants to understand the medical language or is interested in improving their medical school’s academic performance is advised to use this app.

6. Dorland’s Medical Dictionary

Dorland’s Medical Dictionary is a great study tool for students that provides concise definitions of hundreds of thousands of medical terms, drugs, tests, procedures, and much more. The app contains more than 40,000 definitions from nearly every medical field. More than 350 illustrations, audio pronunciations, hints, and pronunciation make this app a great study tool for medical students.

7. Medical Dictionary 2020

It is an amazing medical dictionary app that contains definitions and descriptions of more than 30,000 terminologies related to a myriad of medical fields. Medical Dictionary 2020 can allow you to access content offline; no internet connection is required to use this app. This app is a helpful tool for medical students and physicians who want to know the definition of a complex medical term in a second. Medical students can use this app to complete their assignments, lab work, and prepare notes for their clinical rotations.